Using Treasure Trails for Team Building

Treasure Trails provide a perfect solution for companies wanting a morning or afternoon’s activity for their employees that is inclusive and outdoorsy, but not extreme or strenuous!

Team building comes in many guises and the first question to ask yourselves is why do you want to  spend time and money on team building products. Once you’ve answered that question along with establishing your budget, you are ready to talk to us about what we can offer.   

All our team building solutions are devised and delivered by one of the Treasure Trails authorised partners, so depending on where you want your event to take place, we will point you in the direction of a partner based in the UK from Scotland, though Yorkshire, the Midlands, the South West and of course London and the South East.

Team Building for New Teams

When teams are new and in the forming stage two or three hours of working together to find the solution to a puzzle can be an ideal way for the group to get to know each other. If the puzzle involves a walk around an area that is also new to the team members then it ticks two boxes!  A sixth form and college of technology in the Midlands uses a non-facilitated team building package designed by one of our partners, as part of their induction week. Newbies get to know the town as well as the other students.

Team building for established teams

Using Treasure Trails for Team Building - out and about with a Treasure Trail

Recently, an established team from the NFU Mutual took to the streets of Stratford upon Avon to investigate an international insurance scam. The Treasure Trails’ partner created an elaborate set of clues to enable the teams to work together to figure out the ringleader’s name and passport details as well as two of the gang member’s passport details and the location of their European HQ! The feedback forms were vey positive about the afternoon’s work. A housing association in Bristol with an established team told us after their team building that they “didn’t know whether all staff would embrace it and ‘go for it’ but it was so well put together no one could fault it”. The organiser said “I was surprised as usually someone will moan”.

Team building for specific skill sets

Using Treasure Trails for Team Building - using specific skill sets

As part of the extra tasks and games that we devise to be completed whilst walking the Treasure Trail, we have created games to develop communication skills,  problem solving and team work. For presentation skills, one group in Yorkshire did a charity shop challenge. Teams were given a fixed budget and a set criteria to purchase items. They had to give a presentation at the debrief on how their items fit the criteria.

Our London partner recently delivered an event that required the participants to race by making the first clue only accessible by visiting a website that logged the start time and the final solution needed to be entered into a website that logged the finish time.

Team Bonding

Using Treasure Trails for Team Building - Team bonding

Sometimes a team just wants to spend a bit of time together outside of the work environment and a walk with a purpose serves that need! As always, we are happy to add additional games and puzzles to do along the way and can make it competitive or not as the client wishes.

A word of caution - make sure that you have more than two hours to spare and be aware that if there are more than 30 people taking part, we will need to create something very bespoke.

Contact us today about creating something suitable for your teams. We would love to work with you.