UK's Biggest Kidult 2022

It's the moment you've all been waiting for - our hunt for the UK's Biggest Kidult is complete! The competition was fierce, and the judging nearly impossible, but our top judges over at Day Out With The Kids have come to a final decision.

So, without further ado, we're thrilled to award the title of UK's Biggest Kidult 2022 to...

Amy Cartwright

Fancy dress fan Amy was nominated by her big sister Lorna, who told us:

My "little" sister gets excited about a fancy-dress party (much to the groans of everyone else including the kids). She is always singing and dancing to Disney; she eats Smiles and alphabet spaghetti with ketchup. A good day out for her is on the swings at the playground, at the zoo, or building sandcastles on the beach (without the kids!). She's loads of fun to be with, and as the youngest sibling she has been making the most of being the "little one in the family" for over 40 years- she's definitely the UK's biggest kidult!

We can't deny that Amy's video (which you can see here) gave us a good giggle, and the judges at Day Out With the Kids agreed! They said:

There were so many amazing entries, we had lots of fun reviewing them all. Amy just really stood out to us, what a character! She really made us giggle and she absolutely smashed fancy dress! 😀

As well as the glory of being crowned the UK's Biggest Kidult, Amy has also won a year of adventure with four Gold Merlin Annual Passes (worth £876)! The Merlin Annual Pass is the ultimate passport to a year of epic togetherness at the UK’s BIGGEST and best attractions! WIN our competition, and you and your family will get year-long access to Britain’s most awesome experiences, including Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures Resort, LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, Warwick Castle, SEA LIFE, Shrek’s Adventure! London, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, and many more!

Amy was pretty excited when she found out. She said:

I nearly fell off my pogo stick when I found out I'd been voted the biggest kidult! True, I'm always first in line for the ice cream van, and I can't resist licking the cake bowl...its a real honour and I'd like to thank my sister, Treasure Trails and Day Out with the Kids for such an awesome prize! Looking forward to a brilliant year of rollercoasters, lego, castles, and dungeons - I might even take the kids!"

We hope you have an amazing time, Amy!

Best of the rest

So many amazing kidults were nominated over the last month, and we've been giggling away at every entry that's been submitted. It made it really hard to pick our favourites, but here, in no particular order, are the other nine stand-out entries that made our top ten:

Dave Pilkington

This nominated 'SUPER-gramps' had us grinning from ear to ear with his costume changes and a poetic entry. You can see his full video here.

But, what did his nominator say? Well...

At 73 he’s still a big kid - funny, playful, and even a computer whizz.

He hasn’t grown up from clowning around, always smiling, there’s never a frown.

We don’t have to TRAIL far to find our TREASURE, his level of fun goes way beyond measure.

Want to dress up for breakfast - he’s your man, even though he says his face looks like a pan!

For a shout-out, he’ll always be your champ, but to us, he’ll always be SUPER-gramps!!!

Alan Tillman

From rope swings to kid's games, this nominated kidult seems to love childish fun! You can see his full video here.

But, what did his nominator say? Well...

My husband is the biggest Kidult! He needs no encouragement to try kid’s activities.

Ibrahim Bismillah

Leading the charge down the sandy slope, this kidult gave us a giggle and made us wish we were at a beach to do the same! You can see his full video here.

But, what did his nominator say? Well...

This big, bearded guy is a father of four, however, this doesn’t prevent him from always having fun, coming up with great games and challenges to keep everyone entertained. His positivity and enthusiasm are contagious to everyone around him and he loves the outdoors, taking everyone along on his many adventures in the countryside. He’s taken part in several outdoor challenges such as the tough mudder and wolf-run for charity and soon wants to do a 5K inflatables run challenge with the older kids! He’s the ultimate fun dad and the biggest kidult.

Paul Robinson

This nominated kidult has given us some brilliant ideas for our next team-building day! You can see his full video here.

But, what did his nominator say? Well...

I’m nominating my Dad. He is the world’s biggest kid. He is the first one with the water pistols out.


This nominee looks like they're having a blast, even if they don't quite fit anymore.

But, what did they say when they entered? Well...

No matter where we go, I’m always getting on the kid’s toys before they get a look in 🤣

Tim Morley

We couldn't help but laugh at this one and watch this nominee's video over and over again! You can see the full video here.

But, what did his nominator say? Well...

My husband is the biggest kidult ever! He’s always making the kids laugh by doing something silly!

Asaad Fakir

Nothing says kidult like to grown adults enjoying a playpark, as this nominee demonstrates! You can see the full video here.

But, what did his nominator say? Well...

My husband Asaad Fakir is the biggest kidult ever - he could sit for hours playing with our toddler’s toys - runs to the play equipment at parks and the simplest of things that would please a child will embarrass him - he would also sneak and eat Adam (our 1.5-year-old)’s baby food and snacks 😂 and just like a child he has to constantly be reprimanded as he has no filter when he speaks albeit him being such a good laugh to be around he has been told a few times to ‘GROW UP’ or 'is Adam the baby or are you the baby' 😂

Richard Faerber

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a kidult nominee! 

But, what did their nominator say? Well...

My hubby doesn't need kids about to be completely daft, a dog’s training tunnel will do!

Sophie Garrett

Sophie has so many reasons for being a kidult, and that magical Lego collection definitely caught our eye.

But, what did they say when they entered? Well...

I love LEGO, adorning my office with it. Always do kids quizzes at attractions. Climb trees, well try!

Jim Radford

A hands-free, nerfing, space-hopper race? Yes please! You can see this kidult's full video here

But, what did they say when they entered? Well...

I grew older but never grew up, I love having fun and being silly.

Chris McLeod

If we're still playing in the park in our 80s, like this brilliant kidult, we'll be very happy! You can see her full video here.

But, what did her nominator say? Well...

My mum Chris is the biggest kidult that we know. She’s 82 this year and can’t pass a kid’s playground without busting moves on the equipment. Her favourite is zip lining. I have to be the adult and tell her to behave. She really keeps us smiling.


This nominee seems to find childish fun in everyday moments, and we love that! You can see her full video here.

But, what did her nominator say? Well...

I had never seen a 21-year-old carry twister into the office and actually convince people to play with her before I met Kashish. She has this child-like energy and brings her adorable immaturity into our adult lives. Not only is her innocence very heart-warming but she is also overall a very kind person. I'm nominating her on her birthday to thank her for being a great friend and making my life a lot more fun.

Meredith Carrington-Stait

If you're going to slide down a kid's slide, you may as well go all out and put your hands in the air! You can see this kidult's full video here.

But, what did they say when they entered? Well...

My friends and family always make jokes saying I’m just like a ‘big kid’ whenever we go out with my 4-year-old daughter I’m the first to get stuck in, whether it’s soft play, park or days out at farms/zoos. Although I say about going out with my 4-year-old daughter I realise I was like this before she was born… the video attached is from my friend’s little boy’s birthday party and I’m straight on the soft play going down the slides whilst the other adults are chatting with each other hahaha. I love getting stuck in and I’m not one of these mums that sit on the sides, I’m straight in the ball pit, whizzing down the slides and climbing up and over everything!

Chris Webster

This kidult is having way too much fun in the playground - or perhaps he's stuck! Either way, a well-deserved nomination.

But, what did his nominator say? Well...

Our house consists of 1 adult, 2 children and an adult child; my husband! He is always the first to be daft wherever we go! He is a big thrill-seeking, football-playing, practical joking, Disney fan! During lockdown, he hid inside a duvet cover to make the kids jump, got covered in a chocolate face mask and played pranks and tricks on the kids every day! He hides in the kitchen pantry cupboard and jumps out on people, he loves building dens, having water fights and frequently sneakers (tickles the necks) of our girls. He is the biggest kidult I know...but so much fun too!

Sheila Clifford

This supergran is very much in the 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' camp! Kidults don't supervise their grandkids, they show them how it's done!

But, what did her poetic nominator say? Well...

My mother is a pensioner but doesn’t act the part,
Although she’s nearly eighty, she’s very young at heart!

She’s a groovy granny to my children James and Max,
She plays stuck in the mud with them and gives them piggybacks.

When she’s at the park with them, she can’t resist a ride
On the roundabout or swing, or a quick whizz down the slide.

Jumping in puddles, kicking leaves, and dancing in the rain,
She even climbs up mountains without a Zimmer frame!

She’s a proper kidult, she ought to win this prize,
When she receives her Merlin pass, she won’t believe her eyes!

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How to be more 'kidult'

These awesome nominees prove everyone's got what it takes to be a little more kidult, whether that's jumping into fancy dress, getting out the toys, playing in the park, having dance parties or just slipping a nugget of silliness into the everyday. With Treasure Trails, child-like fun is just one step away. Get your kidult on with a secret spy mission, treasure hunt or detective mystery and unleash your inner adventurer!