Treasure Tales

Treasure Trails are all about exploring and finding out about things in your local area. We have come across some wonderful tales of treasure that has never been found and for today’s post, we’ve chosen our favourites to share with you.

True or False?

Treasure Tales - The Thrill of the Chase

A gentleman called Forrest Fenn decided to bury his own treasure and write a set of clues for anyone inclined to go and find it. His book, ‘The Thrill of the Chase’ has had a sequel written ‘Too far to walk’ and there are lots of bloggers out there detailing their attempts to find Mr Fenn’s treasure. Apparently the treasure, which is in a chest weighs 42 pounds and consists of gems, gold nuggets, Chinese jade carvings, and pre-Columbian riches worth between $1 and $3 million. Anyone fancy a trip to the Rockies?  If you are looking for things to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon, you might want to try and decode his clues

Legend has it

The west coast of Costa Rica (which translates as rich coast) has a tale of treasure waiting to be found. Locals believe that a treasure worth billions and billions of dollars lies somewhere in the area of Manuel Antonio just waiting to be discovered. The legend was popularised by an English pirate, John Clipperton. His belief stemmed from a rumour that in 1670 a number of Spanish ships laden with treasure escaped from Panama City moment before it was burned to the ground by Captain Henry Morgan.  The treasure has never been found. Perhaps we should head to Costa Rica with a spade! On the other hand, back to things to do on rainy afternoon it might be easier to draw or paint a pirate!

Down and Out

Treasure Tales - Terracotta Army

And then there are treasures buried in graves that are still waiting to be found. The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’s grave hasn’t been found and neither has Genghis Khan’s final resting place. Both are thought to hold great riches. The grave of China’s first emperor is also thought to contain priceless artefacts. The location of this i,t a secret - it is protected by the famed Terracotta Army. Excavation is slow because the soil around the burial areas has high concentrations of toxic mercury apparently and they need to be careful it doesn’t get into the water supply! Another story of tombs containing great riches is the one about Tu Duc in Vietnam. Tourists are taken to a tomb castle and told the story of his internment. The site where his actual remains are buried (along with great treasure) is not known because extreme measures were taken to keep the location secret - every one of the 200 servants who buried this Vietnamese king were beheaded. Nasty. 

For a long list of treasure that has never been found try this link

In the meantime, we think we’ll stick with exploring treasures closer to home. What about you?