Top Three Things to do on the Northumberland Coast When it's Raining

There are islands, castles and museums in abundance all along the Northumberland coast. They are just waiting to be explored.



We spent a wonderfully relaxed day on Lindisfarne. The Treasure Trail around the island took us to the entrance of the Priory (you have to pay to go in). Along to the castle and up to the viewing tower.

I am sure we would have seen all those landmarks without the Trail. But because we did the Trail, we also saw a fantastic exhibition by Judith Hurst in a church tucked away. Just waiting to be discovered was a gorgeous little beach. Morning coffee, lunch and tea was enjoyed all along the route. And we got the right answer!

A perfect way to spend the day. I admit it wasn’t actually raining, but it was very miserable weather!



Bamburgh Castle is now a modern castle and family home. It has been extensively restored. The stuff on show isn't ancient but it is very interesting. We spent a couple of hours enjoying it all.

The views of the beaches below are stunning (even in the rain). Some of the castle dates back to the 12th century. Much of it though is 18th and 19th century. It was the perfect place to dodge the showers.



There are a couple of museums within Bamburgh castle. The Armstrong and Aviation Artefacts one was particularly interesting. Housed in the old laundry I was fascinated by the drying racks! The planes and bits of planes were fun too. Its amazing where some of the bits had been found.

We enjoyed a tour round the Grace Darling Museum as the rain seemed to be set for the day. She was one amazing lady. At aged just 22 she set out in stormy seas with her Dad. Her mission to rescue survivors of a shipwreck clinging to a rock. She only lived for a further 4 years and died due to consumption aged 27.

For someone who lived for such a short time, her memory lives on. There are references to her all over the place and memorials to her in the local church and graveyard.

More Islands

It wasn’t raining when we visited the Farne Islands. They are well worth a visit. The wildlife is fascinating and you can see the Grace Darling lighthouse close up too. We combined that trip with the Seahouses Treasure Trail which made for a fun day out.

I think you will agree, there is more than enough to do along the Northumberland Coast.

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