Things to do with Grandchildren

There is something very special about time spent with your grandchildren.  If you are one of the lucky grandparents who gets to enjoy your grandchildren from birth you will have formed a strong bond with them by the time they are old enough to go to school and then be left with you during half terms and holidays! Spending time with grandparents is the stuff of early memories for many children.

Just being with them, giving them your time and reading to them or playing with them is often a source of enormous pleasure for both generations. We do get lots of comments from grandparents about the fun they have had!  MB from Kenilworth told us “Although a resident of Kenilworth, we learned several things we had not known before and it was a great way to spend a few hours with the grandchildren”.

1 - 2 years old

Things to do with Grandchildren - 1-2 Years Old

Introducing them to the concept of Treasure Trails can start as early 1 or 2 years old. Toddlers enjoy a short walk that involves pointing out familiar objects and animals such as the ones they will have seen in their picture books. Having an ice-cream along the way will nearly always be appreciated too!

3 - 4 years old

At 3 and 4 years old they are ready to walk quite a distance. They can get involved in counting up to around 10 and working out some very very simple maths. Most Treasure Trails have at least one clue that requires some counting - steps along the way, objects on a mural or the number of green doors for example!

5 - 6 years old

Things to do with Grandchildren - 5-6 Years Old

Five and six year olds thoroughly enjoy getting to grips with the first half a dozen clues in a Treasure Trail. Their attention might wander  after about half an hour or so. Many of the routes of a Treasure Trail pass a playground and children of all ages enjoy a break from the walk for a push on a swing or a go on the slide.  Our Trail writers have devised a few picture only Treasure Trails where all the clues are a photo of something seen along the route and five and six year olds can match the photo in the Treasure Trails booklet to the real thing. They might not be able to do it completely independently every time, but they will gain enormous satisfaction in getting involved. For a list of picture only Trails, send us an email or message us on Facebook or Twitter and we will send it out to you.

CE from Telford commented “The Trail was great fun and our grandchildren aged 6 and 10 really enjoyed it. We discovered things we did not know about Shrewsbury.”

7 - 8 years old

By the time children get to 7 years old they are more than ready to tackle a standard Treasure Trail. Treasure Trails are suitable for very bright and aware children younger than 7, but we think that by 7 years old they can not only solve the majority of clues, but their attention can be held by the walk and clue solving all the way to the end. Children love doing things together with the family and Treasure Trails are a fabulous way to spend a day exploring with a picnic along the way.

Things to do with Grandchildren - 7-8 Years Old

JT from Devon said “Kept our 8 & 9yr old grandchildren amused and they read clues with enthusiasm”

9 - 10 years old

Things to do with Grandchildren - 9-10 Years Old

We hope that at 9 and 10 they are asking to do Treasure Trails and equate them with fun times with all the family!  Once in their teens, they may want to do other things, but perhaps they will humour their grandparents for a little longer and keep exploring with you!

PM from Bewdley said “ I thought this was a 1st class trail and did it with 2 grandchildren aged 9 and 7”

DB from Gloucester commented “Loved doing this with my 12 & 14 yr old grandchildren, a really good day out. Will do more Thanks”

We’d love to hear and see how you have got on with your grandchildren on a day out with a Treasure Trail in hand! Get in touch through facebook, by phone or email.