Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow

We recently took some friends to Ludlow for an hour and had a lovely time!

Sunday Market

Years ago the only shops that were open on Sundays were markets. That has all changed now but it is lovely that Ludlow has a market on Sundays. Most of the stalls were antiques, but my friend was very excited to find a haberdashery stall. We spent some time picking over the different buttons. She chose some for the child’s cardigan she was knitting. I loved that I could buy anything from a postbox to a 1950s guide to Guernsey’s train times.

Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow - Sunday Market Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow - Sunday Church

Sunday Church

After the market we popped into one of the local clothes shops.  I got a very pretty cardigan and scarf.

Next stop was St Laurence’s, the parish church. We didn’t have a lot of time and the church is so interesting that if you can give it more time, it is well worth it. We were given a leaflet of ‘things not to miss’ and headed to the chancel to enjoy a selection of Misericords. These funny small wooden structures are on the undersides of folding seats in a church. When the seat is folded up, they act as a shelf to support a person in a partially standing position during long periods of prayer.

We also learnt a little bit about Arthur, Prince of Wales. Arthur died in Ludlow and his heart and entrails are buried there. Another famous person remembered in Ludlow is the poet, A E Houseman. He died in Cambridge but his ashes are in Ludlow.

Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow - Arthur Prince of Wales buried here Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow - Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch

We came home for Sunday lunch, but there is a wonderful selection of pubs and restaurants in Ludlow for a meal. Trip Advisor suggests there are 68 restaurants in Ludlow. Sometimes there is just too much choice.  Whilst we were there we pointed out various clues used in the Ludlow Murder Mystery to our friends. And we double checked on a clue that had been reported as missing. As expected it was still intact, but it is a tough one!

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