Things to do on a Hen Party

Our Treasure Trails partners create Treasure Trail challenges for hens and stags and work closely with the organisers of the hen parties to make sure that what they create fits with the weekend’s activities and the hens ages and abilities.

With a huge range of things to do to choose from it can be difficult for hen party organisers to please everyone and with the costs of activities potentially spiralling once the venue has been booked, the food decided on and the booze bought there may not be much left over for the entertainment.

Different organisers and brides to be may have different priorities and ideas on what will work for their weekend and with mothers, grandmothers and godmothers often invited the activities need to be suitable too! Nothing rude please is a request our Trail writers often get when they are asked to produce something just right for a hen weekend.

Tips for the organiser

Our tips for creating a fab weekend for the girls starts with how to communicate with them and engage them in getting excited. Often this is a chance for a bride’s friends (and family) to get to know each other as girls from school, uni and work may be meeting for the first time. Chances are they will all be on Facebook and/or WhatsApp and both of those software platforms will enable the organiser to tell everyone everything so no one feels left out.

Setting an expectation on what the budget will need to be is the next step and we’d recommend choosing the venue first. Self catering with shared rooms works out as the most economical, add a hot tub and some glorious views and your active bride will love it. Try in Herefordshire for really large gatherings or perhaps this place in Somerset for smaller ones.

Things to do on a Hen Party

Go for a crowd pleasing menu that is easy to cook, serve and wash up afterwards otherwise the mums will end up in the kitchen for most of the weekend!  A lovely big cooked breakfast always goes down well to mop up the excesses of the night before and to set everyone up for the day ahead. Ask everyone to bring something for a classic afternoon tea and hey presto there’s another meal sorted! 

Things to do during the day

Things to do on a Hen Party - Personalised Stag Party

Next thing to think about is what is everyone going to do during the day and a personalised Treasure Trail ticks lots of boxes. Its inclusive, its not too physically demanding or mentally challenging, it lasts around 3 to 4 hours, it suits all ages (perfect if there are kids involved in the hen party), its fun, its probably new to many of the hens, it creates some great photo opportunities,  and its good value for money.

Things to do on a Hen Party - Personalised Hen Party

For full personalisation and in some parts of the UK a facilitator too, hens can think in terms of £20 a head. It does depend on how many hens are taking part and the more there are, generally the cheaper it is. This compares very favourably with other things to do. Other ideas we’ve been told are popular are clay pigeon shooting, pottery, cocktail making, canoeing, cycling, archery, bushcraft, caving, abseiling, surfing… the list goes on. But the big difference between all these things to do and tackling a Treasure Trail is there are around 1,200 Trails across the UK so you can be reasonably confident that any town you stay in will have a Treasure Trail nearby that can be personalised for you and your hens.

Things to do when the sun goes down

Things to do on a Hen Party - Things to do when the sun goes down

After an active day and a shower, some hen parties dress up and head out for a night on the town, but most of the ones we know get comfy for some fun party games in the sitting room of their rented cottage or farmhouse. With dinner enjoyed and glasses topped up, the focus is on having a giggle! A favourite game is competing to dress a volunteer in a wedding dress made of loo paper - split into teams, set the timer and prepare to be amazed at the stunning creations that a roll of toilet tissue can be transformed into! Everyone has their favourite party games like passing the orange under your chin or moving a balloon from one person to another without using your hands and so on. Put the spotlight on the bride by playing a version of Mr and Mrs either by contacting the bridegroom before hand or ringing him up there and then!! All of these games cost very little but make lasting memories and hilarious photos!

Have you been to a hen party recently? We’d love to hear about the best bits and the disasters!