Things to do in Trafalgar Square

Early in November one of our Trail writers spent a day in Trafalgar Square and being Trail writers just had to do the Trafalgar Square Treasure Trail first before enjoying the other local attractions!

The Trail is based around a mysterious map that a workman, Colin Nelson, found wedged into a crack when he was helping to put up the fourth plinth installation.

Amanda, the Trail writer, picks up the story!

“David and I know Trafalgar Square well, or so we thought and were looking forward to getting to know it even better with the help of the Treasure Trail. The route started outside the gates of Charing Cross Station and after a bit of scouting around, we solved the first clue. It was a fairly overcast day, but dry which we were pleased about. David was in charge of the booklet for the first page and then it was my turn - we like to share!

Things to do in Trafalgar Square - Trafalgar Square

We loved the clue about the pub in two halves, but decided it was a bit too early for a drink, so satisfied ourselves with a photo instead! 

Given that it was autumn and there were leaves everywhere, we spent lots of time solving the clue by the Royal Marines in the Mall where we had to stand on the word ‘land’ and walk clockwise and then anticlockwise to get the answer. Normally it would be quite easy, but all the leaves needed moving first which caused great amusement to a couple of far eastern tourists watching our antics.

We were bowled over by the amount of available clue material as everywhere you looked there were statues and plaques and interesting looking memorials and markers. Whereas we sometimes struggle to get enough clue material in out of the way places in darkest Herefordshire, the local London Trail writer must struggle to work out what to leave out!

Things to do in Trafalgar Square - Trafalgar Square 2

Once we’d spiralled around Trafalgar Square itself, we ended up in the centre and the most fascinating couple of clues led us to something rather wonderful which we had no idea was there. The standard Imperial measures of length are set into the granite paving in brass. We were intrigued that we could check the length of a perch, a pole, a chain or a yard as well as inches, feet and links. Once we got home we googled and learnt why they are there - just as we imagine other  Treasure Trailers do when we point out something they didn’t know before! 

The final clue was behind a taped off area as it was on Nelson’s column itself and there was a cleaner in full swing with his pressure washer cleaning it. We asked if we could get closer and duck under the tape and he was happy to let us do that. He said he often saw people pottering around the square looking for clues but left us to find this particular one on our own!

After a good morning’s walk, we had some lunch in a local hostelry and then made our way into the National Gallery for some more culture before heading back to our holiday accommodation at the end of the day."

There are lots of things to do in Trafalgar Square but none are as fun as the Treasure Trail in our opinion! Let us know if you have done the Trafalgar Square Treasure Trail and what you combined it with.