Things to do in Shrewsbury When its Raining

Things to do in Shrewsbury When its Raining - On dry days there are riverside walks, boat trips and wonderful park gardens to enjoy, and there is still plenty to do on wet days in Shrewsbury.

Go to Prison

Hopefully not because you’ve done something wrong! The former Dana prison in Shrewsbury is open for tours and many of the guides have actually worked there. The original prison building was one of Thomas Telford’s designs. Turning up the gates I can imagine being quite terrified as a medieval wrong doer!

The two-hour tour starts in the same way as that of a prisoner. Starting your sentence, you are processed through reception before heading out to the wings and experiencing life as a prisoner! Children are allowed on tours but of course parental guidance is recommended. It could be quite scary for them. Amazingly you can get tickets to a fun prison escape game too. 

Things to do in Shrewsbury When its Raining Things to do in Shrewsbury When its Raining

Explore the castle

Shrewsbury Castle houses the spectacular collections of the Shropshire Regimental Museum Trust. There are pictures, uniforms, medals, weapons and other equipment from the 18th Century to the present day. Always good for a couple of hours especially when its raining. If it does happen to be a dry day, exploring the grounds around the castle is great fun. The views are spectacular.

Dress Up

Fancy a day dressing up, writing with quills and listening to stories, then head to Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. Families are always welcome at the museum there and the staff’s motto is to ‘never say shhh...!’  There is an exciting programme of contemporary art and special exhibitions. The current one is the life and work of a stained-glass artist, Margaret Rope who was born and bred in Shrewsbury. She sounds a fascinating lady. There is just so much there to amaze, enlighten and amuse!

Things to do in Shrewsbury When its Raining

We would love to find out what you’ve done in Shrewsbury when its raining. Oh and when the sun comes out we highly recommend the Shrewsbury Murder Mystery - just don't try and do it when the flower show is on.