Things To Do in Mid Wales

Wales is a magical country and we went to see a couple of its ancient natural beauties. 

Water Break Its Neck

The waterfall is in Warren Woods, which is off the A44 about 10 miles west of Presteigne.  There are three trails created with varying degrees of difficulty. We followed the short easy one first to see the waterfall. We walked through a deep ravine lush with foliage of overhanging trees and ferns. It felt just like hobbit country. Apparently in dry weather it is possible to walk along the stream bed. We came around the corner and there it was in all its flowing glory. It really is a beautiful and unspoilt place.

Afterwards, we tried the medium difficulty trail and scrambled up a very steep bank to get above the waterfall. Once at the top, it was a relatively easy wander down the other side. We were lucky to see deer and rabbits along the way too.

Things to do in Mid Wales - Water Breaks Its Neck Things to do in Mid Wales - Old Radnor

Old Radnor

Short on time we just drove through this small Welsh town. But for such a small town, we were amazed to see a couple of really elaborate memorials. Next time we will get out and explore.

The Four Stones

Between Water Break Its Neck and Presteigne and just outside Old Radnor, there is another wonderful sight. A bronze age stone circle which according to folk lore was created when four local chiefs were turned into the four stones.  Another story suggests the stones mark the graves of 4 kings, killed in a great battle.

The stones are in a farm field, surrounded by a hedge which can make it difficult to see them. There are no interpretive signs, so you are pretty much on your own to make some sense of the site. The setting is wonderful though, with views over the surrounding fields to the Cambrian Mountains with a great atmosphere. Well worth a short visit I would say.

Things to do in Mid Wales - The Four Stones

From there, we headed off to pick up some lunch in the nearest pub. Have you been to the area? We'd love to hear about your trip there. 

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