Things to do in Kidderminster

Kidderminster itself has a couple of interesting things to do, but the best thing when looking for things to do in Kidderminster is to take a trip on the Severn Valley Railway!

Severn Valley Railway

We did just that. We caught the steam train one gloriously sunny Friday morning. It was so nostalgic getting into the train’s carriage. I was reminded of days gone by when I used to catch a steam train to school. I’m not that old, but the train went from Mombasa to Nairobi back in the 1960s. This one goes to Bridgnorth and back. It took around an hour and a half. We had been given a guide book that details the things to do and see along the way. The most exciting bit was when we passed the West Midlands Safari Park and saw two enormous rhino. We learnt that the railway is staffed by 1,300 volunteers! The ultimate job for all those men who wanted to be train drivers when they grew up.

Things to do in Kidderminster - Severn Valley Railway

A little bit of Spain

Things to do in Kidderminster - A little bit of Spain

Bridgnorth is such a picturesque historic market town. On arrival in Bridgnorth we wandered around the castle before heading to our lunch venue. We had a table booked at a tapas restaurant which we’d heard was excellent. The recommendation was a good one and we thoroughly enjoyed all the little tapas dishes we chose. It did feel a bit weird though eating Spanish food in the middle of Shropshire.

Cliff Railway

After lunch we went on the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway. Its the oldest and steepest inland funicular in the UK and only £1.60 return per person. We thoroughly enjoyed the short trip down the cliff face and the wander along the riverside. We picked up an ice-cream and then headed back to the station to catch the train back to Kidderminster. A really fun and memorable day out. Next time we plan to catch the train to Bewdley for lunch and back again! Watch this space.

Things to do in Kidderminster - Cliff Railway

We have Treasure Trails in Kidderminster, Bridgnorth and Bewdley so there is no excuse not to do at least one of them if you follow in our footsteps.