Things to do and Places to go

One of the benefits of following a Treasure Trail around a town or city is that almost inevitably you will see places that you would like to go into.

Go in there and then

Sometimes it makes sense to go into a place there and then - maybe you have all day to explore the town and are happy to do the Treasure Trail in between doing lots of other things - shopping, popping into a cafe or pub, having a swing in the playground, eating a picnic - the list is endless. 

Sometimes, the place you go past is just too enticing to pass and you just have to go in. Maybe you are only in that town on that one day or maybe they have an exhibition that will be closed when you are next in town with time on your hands.

Things to do and Places to go  - explore HaslemereIf you are down south, there are always plenty of things to do at the award winning Haslemere Museum and we have a Treasure Trail that goes right past it. The Trail takes around 2.5 hours and if you combine the walk with a visit to the museum and add in a picnic or pub lunch you will successfully entertain the whole family all day!

Save for another day

Things to do and Places to go - Explore LichfieldOr if you are in the Midlands, you could spend the day in  Lichfield. There are three Trails to choose from and along the way you will find information about the Lichfield Gospels, contemporary with those at Lindisfarne and Kells, also the home of Dr Johnson; the unique three spired cathedral; the home of Erasmus Darwin, Charles' grandfather and founder of the Lunar Society, and many other treasures, not forgetting the statue of Captain Smith of RSS Titanic infamy.  It would be going some to do all three Trails on the one day, so our recommendation would be to spread them out and then you will have plenty of time to pop into the different museums you will pass along the way.

Or head to Stratford upon Avon. There are two different Treasure Trails there, and along the way you could head into the Birthplace of Shakespeare or for something completely different the Museum of Art and Design (MAD for short). The routes also pass Tudor World in Sheep Street and the Creaky Cauldron in Henley Street (be warned their website plays music!).

Make a special trip

We know that lots of our customers (and Trail writers) when choosing somewhere to go on holiday, double check there are Treasure Trails in the area before they make the booking for the accommodation.  Treasure Trails give them some ideas of what things there are to do in that town or city. Did you read our blog about Susan Perkins, who bases lots of her days out around which Treasure Trail she wants to do next!

Have you made a special trip somewhere because you knew there were plenty of Treasure Trails to do when you got there. Do let us know, we'd love to hear from you.