Things to do Along the North Yorkshire Coast; Saltburn-by-the-Sea to Ravenscar

The North Yorkshire East Coast is a wonderful place for families and couples. Exploring, soaking up the atmosphere of times gone by, wildlife spotting and pottering on the beach are all perfect ways to spend time together. We had a wonderful week there.


We headed over to Saltburn-by-the-Sea one gloriously hot afternoon. The tide was right out and the beach seemed to stretch for miles. We didn’t see any donkeys the day we were there, but according to the locals, they are often on the beach giving rides to the children.

We got ourselves an ice cream and wandered along the old Victorian pier enjoying the views out to sea. The local yarn bombers had done a brilliant display of mainly children’s books.

We couldn’t resist the amusement arcade and I won a badge by pushing two penny pieces off the shelf they were balanced on. Well done me! Saltburn has loads to do and see there.


Robin Hood’s Bay

The best place to park when exploring Robin Hood's Bay is at the top of the cliff. You get the most fantastic views of the bay and the North Sea as you make your way down to the higgledy piggledy town that is Robin Hood's Bay.

The town was a hot bed of smugglers back in the day and it is said you could get contraband from the sea all the way to the top without leaving any houses! I can believe it. We loved the route the Robin Hood's Bay Treasure Trail led us along through narrow passageways and past interesting cottages.

The rock pools are amazing when the tide is out and there is always a chance you might find a fossil. We did!


One lunchtime saw us arrive at Raven Hall Hotel. We were amazed to find this huge hotel precariously balanced on the edge of the cliff. Well maybe I’m exaggerating, but it is certainly a very atmospheric place. It has a fascinating history.

After a delicious lunch of local seafood we headed down through their golf course to the rocks below.  We’d been told there was a large colony of seals. There were about 50 of them lounging about on the rocks while we were there. We didn’t get too close though as they can be vicious!

There are lots of Treasure Trails to do along the East Yorkshire Coast and we often combined a Treasure Trail in the mornings with some exploring of our own in the afternoons whilst we were there. We were incredibly lucky with the weather which always helps a good holiday become a great one!

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