Reviews Could Change Your Life

Today’s world runs on reviews. Reviews of products, experiences and people. Amazon were one of the first retail sites to request reviews on products and sellers and even nowadays the packaging!

For a long time Trip Advisor was the go-to site for people wanting to check out hotels. AirBnB runs completely on reviews as they have no other way of determining whether someone’s space is worth staying in or not.

Here at Treasure Trails we really value the reviews we get on Facebook and through E-Komi and we’d like to share some of the Facebook ones with you today, just in case you missed them! Oh and highlight all the benefits of the Trails that our customers came up with up! 

Reviews Could Change Your Life - Reviews on Facebook

Learn Interesting and Historical Facts

Ellen Clay reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on March 8 at 9:29pm · After completing Shrewsbury and Chester, we have just completed London's Camden / Primrose Hill trail. Love the fact that we find out interesting facts and off the beaten track things we would never normally see. Will Def be doing more and we highly recommend these walks. Like that the clues are a variation of easy to hard and as I say very enjoyable ways of seeing new places. Even the Chester tour (my home city) we discovered new things and streets we had not been to before! Thanks guys

Kate Hughes reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on March 31 at 8:34pm · We have just completed the city of London-pudding lane murder mystery. It was a fantastic way of seeing lots of wonderful secret parts of London and also learning some history on the way. Looking forward to trying another. Great idea .

Discover hidden places

Keely Jeynes Trendell reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on March 26 at 12:12pm · We completed the Westminster and Trafalgar Square trails yesterday. These were our first trails and we thoroughly enjoyed them. We loved that the trails take you past many hidden places.We saw so many things that we would never have discovered if it were not for the trail even in tourist hotspots such as Trafalgar square itself. Some of the clues were really tricky and very clever. I have to admit having completed both a spy mission and a treasure trail we did prefer the treasure trail, only because with the treasure trail we all picked a place that we thought the treasure was hidden before we started. This added to the fun especially as our youngest daughter picked the right place. We look forward to completing many more trails and trying out a murder one.

Nez Lewis reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on October 5, 2015 · Had a fantastic day yesterday on the llanblethian to St donats trail smile emoticon I grew up visiting south Wales and I saw villages I never knew existed.

Recommended for young or old

Reviews Could Change Your Life - Today’s world runs on reviews. Reviews of products, experiences and people.

Paul Collins reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on March 4 · I love treasure trails as an idea and done about 15 so far. In fact I'm thinking of broadening my normal around the house and garden ideas and writing my own ideas on this format for the kids when we go to a couple of local country parks and as this years Easter trail smile emoticon

I've lived in Bournemouth my whole life and can honestly say that after following the Bournemouth trails I discovered things that I never knew were there even though they are in plain site and followed on to me reading more about the history of the town and surroundings. I'm basically just a big kid (who incidentally hated history at school!) and if your trails can spawn that kind of interest from me, I'd highly recommend anyone, young or old to do a trail and open they're eyes to the bigger and more in depth world around them. If I'd had trails that nodded towards learning about the relevant historical subjects at school I think I'd definately have had much more interest through the self discovering rather than being talked at! Lol. Great work guys 

Cathy Munns reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on August 6, 2015 · Really enjoyed Farnham Maltings & Meadows Trail today. Saw lots of parts of the town that we never knew were there. All the clues were pretty straightforward to find for our 9 and 11 year olds, and the directions pretty clear. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a trail that's on mostly level ground, doesn't take more than a couple of hours, and ends up near a lovely park/play area for the kids to rum around and blow off some steam

Zoe Franklin reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on August 14, 2015 · Half way through the Canterbury spy trail and we're loving it! Our 7yo is reading and solving the clues with a bit of help from us but there's enough things that need to be spotted rather than read that our 4yo who can't read yet is able to take the lead as well. So glad I stumbled across your trails thanks to a Google search.

Vikki Ellis reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on February 16 · Great trail in Horsham today. Kids and adults had a great time. Thoroughly recommend.

Alexandra Gosling reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on October 25, 2015 · Did the spy mission in Castleton today. Really loved it, great entertainment for both child and adults!!

Miriam Faulkner reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on April 10, 2015 · Our family have thoroughly enjoyed doing the Manor Farm Trail (Fowey, Cornwall) over our two week holiday. We tend to do relaxed, unplanned holidays, so just did a few clues each time we were in Fowey and I. The right area. We had a little laugh with another family who were also 'hot on the trail' bug didn't share any of our cracked clues...not competitive at all! I would recommend these to friends and it certainly kept out family of four aged 6, 10, 40 and 41 very entertained!

Team building, Days Out and Family Time

Beth Smith reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on December 31, 2015 · Have been on trails in Buxton , Bakewell and Holmfirth and can honestly say they're amazing . The first one was a team build with work , the second a day out for myself and my better half , and he third was for our family. Perfect for everyone !

Helps with Exploring

Tania Mitchell reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star April 6 · Had a great time last week in London doing a murder mystery treasure trail around Covent Garden. It really helped us to explore the area and discover many new places. Can't wait to do another one very soon - will be a definite activity the next time we visit London

Heather Leach reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on April 15, 2015 · We did the Bodmin moor treasure trail yesterday, loved every minute of it, we explored the places we went to as well so did take us a day but throughly enjoy it and got to see places we wouldn't of if we hadn't of done the trail. Shame we didn't get to do the other trail we brought but there's always another day

Catherine Headley reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on October 29, 2015 · Lancaster trail fabulous! Fantastic way to see the town and the history.

Exercise for moaning kids

Laura Handley reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on April 1 at 6:20pm · Did our first treasure trail in Bedford today! What a great idea! I really liked that it wasn't just a find this activity but needed some thought and some really good searching. Kids walked 3 miles without moaning too! We will definitely be doing some more!

Rainy day activity

Jessica Ronco Eyre-Tanner reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on April 2 at 3:30pm ·

We have just completed the Alnwick Trail. Great fun even in the rain. What a great idea! Thank you. (Any chance you have an app? That would be a great way of doing it too!)

Lots of laughs & fantastic fun

Simon Piercy reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on January 9 · My parents and I did Greater London Trafalgar Square today. It was fantastic, we laughed a lot but best of all we saw thing that I've never even noticed and I've lived in London for over 8 years. Looking forward to doing more trails. Thank you x

Jaime Speed reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on April 5 at 5:26pm · We completed the Banks of the Tyne Trail at the weekend and had fantastic fun! We live in Norfolk and cannot wait to do some of the local trails. Highly recommended

New Hobby - will do more!

Stephen Battaglia reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on April 3 at 6:26pm · Have just done our very first Treasure Trail around Berkhamsted with the wife and kids. Great fun was had by all, we will definitely do more of these! Well done and thank you!

Karen Love reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on February 22 · We did the Cambridge spy trail on Friday and we're really surprised at how much we all enjoyed it. It's the first one we've done and we are already planning where to go next

Liz Beesley reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on March 20 at 9:22pm · Newbies here! We did our very first trail today in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Adults & kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Brilliant idea and can't wait to do our next one!

Siobhan Louise Davies reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on June 28, 2015 · First trail we have done and we are hooked. Had a fab time exploring Swansea today and because the trail passed lots of free activities we got to do lots of other things on the way round. 4 hours later we were all shattered smile emoticon

Paula Stables reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on February 15 · Loved the Box Hill trail today. Can't wait to try more!

Allie Hack reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on April 5 at 2:15pm · Just brilliant fun. Highly recommend. We are hooked!

Gifts for others

Debbie Jarosinski reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on August 21, 2015 ·

I have done many of your treasure trails over the year and I couldn't recommend them enough. They make great days out and gifts for others. I was compelled to leave this review after ordering another one yesterday , for my holiday. I wanted to say how FAB the service has been. I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it has arrived already. I am very pleased and cannot wait to give it a go.

Quick and Easy to Download

Kyra Mckenry reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on August 20, 2015 · Great day out doing Tynemouth murder mystery kept me and my family busy for hours and found new areas we had not visited. We decided to do this last minute and it was great that you could download quick and easy on the day. Will definitely be back to have a go at another treasure trail.

Entertainment at low cost

Naomi Dickinson-Lacey reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on August 31, 2015 · We did our second trail this weekend at Odiham with some friends. Really enjoyed it, lovely town to wander around. Also did Alresford, enjoyed that one too. Great idea for a couple of hours entertainment at low cost. Good old fashioned fun.

Fiona Callan reviewed Treasure Trails — 5 star on July 30, 2015 · Had a brilliant time on the Pendle Witches trail yesterday definitely recommend it, it's a fun, educational and very cheap day out for all the family. Definitely looking to do more trails in the future.

So what are you waiting for - get out and explore somewhere old or new soon!