The Treasure Trails Gift Buying Guide

Your Gift, Your Way!

Love it or hate it, if you're reading this, you're likely to be in CSM (Christmas Shopping Mode). With over 1200 Treasure Trails and three different formats, there's a lot of choice on just one website! But fear not, we've put together this handy guide to help you make the right decision and get the perfect gift in time for Christmas.

First up, you need to decide who you're buying for. We've put some suggestions to help you identify who might love a Treasure Trail under their tree this year here. When you have someone in mind, read on to get the ideal Trail...

Choose a location or let them decide?

Choose a location:

If your recipients are new to Treasure Trails, we'd suggest buying them one of their local Trails, or choosing a location you know they enjoy visiting. Why? Because you want to ensure your gift is nice and easy for them to get to. Pick somewhere 200 miles away that they've never heard of and they might not be as pleased as you'd hoped! So send them somewhere fairly local; even if they know somewhere well, there's always something new to discover on a Treasure Trail! If they love it (which we're sure they will!), they'll have 1199 other Trails to choose from. Alternatively, if you know they're adventurous and will be happy to travel further afield, go for somewhere in their region that you like the sound of!

Let them decide:

If you're not sure which location would suit them best, let them choose with a Treasure Trails Gift Voucher! Our Gift Vouchers never expire, so you won't have to worry about when they can get out exploring. They can choose their adventure at any time and you can relax knowing they'll be getting the Trail they really want.

Gift Vouchers are also ideal for anyone you know who has already done lots of Trails - this way, you can be sure you're not buying them one they've already done. They'll probably have their next one in mind, so will be thrilled that it's on you!

Looking for something to wrap up?

Well, the good news is, Treasure Trails are super easy to wrap; even the worst present wrapper in the world can't mess this one up! If you're really that bad at wrapping gifts though, a nice C5 envelope will be your saviour!

Even better news, your nicely wrapped gift will fit through any letterbox and, if it's just a Trail and a card, then a standard stamp (1st or 2nd Class) should cover the postage too! (Do check the weight if you're enclosing a hefty card or anything else!).

Choose 'Printed by Us'

For a nicely printed and packaged gift, choose the 'Printed by Us' option. We'll get that on its way to you via 1st Class Royal Mail delivery. Plus, if you order before 2pm (Monday - Friday), it'll be despatched on the same day. All you'll need to do is kick back and wait for the Trail to arrive.

Choose 'Personalised by You'

For an extra smile on the faces of your recipients, choose the personalised option. Add your own image and title to the front page of the Trail and we'll print and package that up and get it on its way to you ASAP!

We don't do gift-wrapping (we're too busy making awesome Trails!), but if you'd like us to send your gift direct to your lucky recipient, simply pop their name and address in the delivery address area when you order. If you'd like us to leave out your order slip, drop us a quick email with your order number.

Left it to the last minute?

Whether you like the thrill of leaving all your Christmas shopping until the last minute, or you've just realised you've forgotten someone important, don't worry, we've got you covered!

Last Posting Date Before Christmas:

Last posting date for 1st Class Royal Mail this year is Tuesday 21st December, so make sure you get your orders in before 2pm on that day to ensure they make that last post*.

*However, we do suggest you order earlier to avoid disappointment as Royal Mail are experiencing delays in some parts of the country this year.

Missed it?

Get them a Gift Voucher:

All of our Gift Vouchers are sent to you instantly via email, so you can give the gift of adventure straight away. You can either print out the voucher to hand directly to your adventurer, or, as your voucher comes in a separate email, you can simply forward this on for an instant gift!

Choose 'Print at Home':

If you'd like to choose a particular Trail for them, you can purchase any Trail download and forward the PDF on to them. Ideal for last minute Boxing Day adventures too!

We hope we've helped you to select that perfect gift, but as always, our Customer Happiness Team is on hand right up until Christmas Eve to answer any queries. Get in touch if you need to here.

Whatever adventures you go on this Christmas, we hope you have an awesome time!

The Team @TT Towers