The Grand Easter Egg Hunt around your home!

Your household Easter Egg Hunt just got more fun! Instead of hiding eggs outside, where wild squirrels could easily take them, we hold the entire hunt around the inside of your house!

The idea is that the hunter is looking for six coloured paper eggs hidden around the home. However, rather than just randomly searching, the hunter has to crack a code to find the whereabouts of the eggs.

Use our unique Treasure Trails Code Wheel to work out the location of each egg.

When the eggs have all been found, the hunter must add up all the numbers on them to get an overall total. If they give you the correct total, they can then have their chocolate (or other treats of your choice) reward!

This activity is aimed at children aged about 7 to 14, but, of course, younger hunters can always help with the searching, and really, you’re never too old!

TT Strange Times: The Grand Easter Egg Hunt Around Your Home!

Ready to start? Great – this is what you’ll need:

Your Easter Egg Hunt:

Kit provided:

Kit needed:

  • A printer
  • Some A4 paper
  • A paper clip or pin
  • A pair of scissors

Instructions for how to make your Easter Egg Hunt:

  1. Print out The Code Wheel, the page of Eggs and the Clues after downloading them from the links above.
  2. Get a pair of scissors and carefully cut out the two code wheels:
INDOOR ARENA: The Grand Easter Egg Hunt Around Your Home! Carefully cut out the codeweel...
  1. Get a pin or paper clip and carefully stick it through the exact centre of the two code wheels so that the Top Code Wheel is on top of the Base Code Wheel. The Top Code Wheel should be able to spin around now:
INDOOR ARENA: The Grand Easter Egg Hunt Around Your Home! use a paper clip to carefully pierce a hole through the 2 layers...
  1. Cut out the six eggs. (If you wish, you could stick the page onto cardboard before cutting out the eggs to make them a bit more robust!)
  2. Have a look at the clue cards and choose the six locations that are most suitable for your house where you are running this hunt. Cut out these six cards and keep them ready to hand out when you start the hunt.
  3. Now hide one egg in each of the six locations you have chosen. Make sure the hunter doesn’t see you do this!
  4. When ready, give the first clue to the hunter. Once they have found that egg, you can hand out the next clue.
  5. Tell the hunter to add up all the numbers on the eggs and have your prize ready for the hunter when he/she reveals the correct total to you. OR, have a FINAL CLUE which leads to where their prize is hidden.

How the Code Wheel works:

Crack the code by converting numbers to letters on the code wheel. First, line up the Base Code Wheel with the Top Code Wheel as described in each of the clues. Then you can convert the clue into letters. The clue will be a location that will lead the hunter to where each egg is hidden. It might be necessary to adjust the wheel slightly at times to ensure all the numbers and letters line up.

For example:

If the code were K=36, W=12, A=26; and the clue was:  4, 3, ‐ 23, 30, ‐ 28, 33, 26, 34, 7

By lining up the Base and Top Code Wheel so that K=36, W=12 and A=26 as shown in this photograph: ‘4, 3, ‐ 23, 30, ‐ 28, 33, 26, 34, 7’ spells out ‘On ‐ the – Chair’. So, the coloured egg will be hidden ‘On the chair’.

INDOOR ARENA: The Grand Easter Egg Hunt Around Your Home! How the Code Wheel works...


The possible clue locations (remember to only choose 6)

Clue 1 – Use the code: Y=4, A=16 and K=26. The clue: 30, 29 – 13,20 -34,30,21,16 is ‘on the sofa’.

Clue 2 – Use the code: H=21, D=17 and Q=30. The clue: 6, 17, 18, 31 – 2, 28, 34, 31 – 5, 17 is ‘under your bed’.

Clue 3 – Use the codeZ=9, OF=13 and L=31. The clue: 11,27, 28, 33,23 – 17, 24 – 32, 28, 22, 1, 34, 6, 20, 5, 24 is ‘behind the microwave’.

Clue 4 – Use the code: W=12, IN=16 and B=27. The clue: 18,29,30,7 – 23,30 – 9,11 is ‘under the tv’.

Clue 5 – Use the code: G=36, A=30 and X=17. The clue: 16, 2, 13, 1 – 18, 8, 14, 11 – 12, 8, 32, 4, 12 is ‘with your socks’.

Clue 6 – Use the code: TH=22, D=28 and K=35. The clue: 17, 28, 29,6 – 22, 29 – 36, 25, 17, 28, 6, 13 is ‘under the laundry’.

Clue 7 – Use the code: Q=19, W=25 and OR=1. The clue: 30, 10, 29, 6 – 36, 7 – 13, 7, 22, 22, 14, 7 is ‘behind the kettle’.

Clue 8 – Use the code: A=8, P=23 and Z=33. The clue: 34 – 5, 12 – 9, 8, 5 is ‘in the bath’.

Clue 9 – Use the code: OE=8, G=19 and V=34. The clue: 3 – 13 – 31, 20, 8 is  ‘in a shoe’.

Clue 10 – Use the code: E=24, M=32 and 8=Y. The clue: 10 – 17, 24 – 16, 28, 23, 14 is ‘in the fridge’.

PS – The answer to the sum is 64  ( 2 + 4 + 9 + 14 + 15 + 20)

Enjoyed the Hunt? Why not create your own clues and locations whilst still using the Code Wheel!

Ready to go on a real adventure?

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