Six Games You Can Play When Out Walking

Whilst we always want our customers to combine walking with solving clues, occasionally there may be a need to walk without solving a Treasure Trail, but doing something else. Maybe you’ve already done all the Treasure Trails in the local area or maybe you live somewhere where there aren’t any Treasure Trails (if you do, we’d like to know about it!). Or maybe you are on holiday and forgot to bring your Treasure Trails with you - although that isn’t a good reason, because we have stock in lots of local Tourist Information Centres, or you can find an internet cafe and download one!

Whatever, the reason - if you find yourselves out walking and need a game to play at the same time, here are our suggestions!

Eye Spy

Six Games You Can Play When Out Walking - family walking

A perennial favourite, Eye Spy has been around since before our grandparents were even born. Children of all ages love working out the answers and don’t realise its educational value! It needs no preparation whatsoever and can last as long as you want it to.

Scavenger Hunts

This game might involve a little bit of preparation if you are a planning sort of person, but it could be a spur of the moment game when you just think up things to find as you walk along. In the countryside it could be a heart shaped rock, a white feather, a nut, a seed etc., In the towns it could be a bus ticket, a receipt, a take away menu or at the seaside it could be seaweed, a pink shell and so on - I am sure you get the picture!

Photo competition

Nowadays we don’t go anywhere without our phones, even for a walk in the country. Many of us own smart phones and it is easy to use the cameras that are an integral part of them. As you walk along you can snap a prepared list of subjects, birds, trees, buildings and so on and when you get home have a third person judge which one of you has taken the best photo of each subject. Great for competitive types!


Six Games You Can Play When Out Walking - in the woods

Whenever I get tired on a long walk and start to flag, the best way to keep me going is to sing with me! From songs that match your stride such as the one that goes “left, left, left, left, I left my wife with 48 children, alone in the kitchen in starving condition with nothing but gingerbread left, left” to just straight forward singing favourite songs or songs with a theme - the most obvious being about walking!

Guess Who

Another favourite is guess who! This is the one where you describe a person and the others have to guess who you are describing. They can be famous people, historical or fictional characters or friends and family members. Its up to you.

Story telling

We always used to make up stories about the people that we passed along the way and had to use clues to fuel those stories. Maybe they are wearing a hat and the story is about how they came to own the hat or why they had put it on that day! Silly really, but great fun and a good way to walk without concentrating on how far or how fast you are going!

We could easily come up with another six, but now its your turn. What are your favourite walking games? Or games that you play when out walking?