Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities - get reading!

Don’t let the rain spoil your fun over the summer holidays. With a little imagination, an afternoon indoors can prove entertaining, and will keep the children away from the television or games console.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Cress Heads

Growing a cress head is a simple pleasure that many of us will have experienced during our school days. They are super easy to make, and will supplement your child’s knowledge of nature and science.

Instructions on how to make your very own cress head using just an egg shell, cotton wool, marker pens and cress seeds can be found here.

Once your character is sporting a full head of hair, why not ask the children to play hairdresser and prepare some fresh cress to add to your evening meal?

Indoor Treasure Hunt Game

Children love this game as it gets their brains whirring, along with a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Create a series of clues and make them as cryptic, poetic and clever as you wish, according to age range and ability of the participants. Use tools such as newspaper cuttings, thread trails and images to add variety.

Don’t forget to hide a prize or treat at the end of the hunt. Good choices are colouring books or games, to keep them occupied for even longer!

Cook up a Storm

Most children love to get creative (and a little messy) in the kitchen with an adult, and there are plenty of simple recipes available online that little ones can enjoy.

Our personal favourites are traditional rice crispy cakes, or why not try something more savoury, such as baked dippy eggs?

Trip to the Library

A rare treat nowadays, a visit to your local library can while away the afternoon. Encourage children to look for themselves and choose their own books, then settle down on the sofa with a blanket and some tasty treats.

Older children may be happy to read independently, or ask younger children to read together, acting out the story as they go!

Get Wet Anyway

You won’t dissolve! Wrap up in your coats, hats and wellingtons, and get outside exploring! As we always say, a Treasure Trail is a fantastic way to spend a morning; plus the children will be so busy looking for clues that there won’t be time to moan about soggy feet!

Come home to some hot soup and a bath to warm up afterwards.