Poldark Dot to Dot Puzzle

To mark the return of Poldark, we have created a puzzle for you that will be even more distracting than watching Ross Poldark skinny dipping!

How hard can a Dot to Dot be you might ask?

Well, we don’t like to make things too easy for you. So we have taken the normal Dot to Dot and given it a special and unique Treasure Trails twist!

This is a puzzle within a puzzle. Hidden in the numbers are clues to a secret word linked to Poldark. You might have to do some digging into the Poldark world to work out what this word is!


To solve the Poldark Dot to Dot Puzzle, you need to connect the numbers 1 to 157 in numerical order. Unfortunately for you these numbers are hidden amongst hundreds of other numbers in the grid!

Connect the numbers 1 to 157 with a straight line (don’t worry if you draw through any of the other numbers in between). When you reach a number with an asterisk* beside it, you must stop the line and start it again at the next consecutive number, which will be found somewhere else on the sheet. You do not need to draw a line from an asterisk number to its next consecutive number i.e. do not draw a line from 036* to 037. Just start a new line from 037.

It is important that when you connect the following numbers that you use a red pen to draw a line between the numbers: 033-034, 039-040, 058-059, 064-065, 097-098, 140-141, 142-143

And use a green pen to connect the following numbers: 144 - 157

Once you have connected the 157 numbers, you should reveal four pictures with lines nearby showing how many letters are in the word that relates to that picture. Write the word on your sheet, one letter on each line.

The letters on the red lines can be taken and rearranged to reveal the secret word. This word will fit the number of spaces on the green lines. Poldark Dot to Dot Puzzle Poldark Dot to Dot Puzzle

Solved it, or just need to know the answer!

Enter your answer by clicking on the button below and we will let you know if you are correct or not, along with how the final answer can be reached. On the 7th November 2016 we will draw 5 correct answers at random to win a Treasure Trail of their choice!