Old Fashioned Fun in Warwick

Warwick, the county town of Warwickshire is still in many ways unashamedly old fashioned. It hasn’t even achieved vintage status!

Old Fashioned Tea Shop

On a recent day out in Warwick we by-passed the trendy chainstore coffee shops. Instead, we made for Wylies Cafe Tearooms for our lunch. The prices were very reasonable and the portion sizes were enormous.  More than can be said for modern standards where the plates are huge but the bits on them less than satisfying! The decor was old fashioned with the walls covered in old photos and bits and pieces. The tea was served in delicate floral china and the welcome was warm. Highly recommended!

Old Fashioned Fun in Warwick - Old Fashioned Tea Shop

Old Fashioned Toys

Old Fashioned Fun in Warwick - Old Fashioned Toys

St John’s Museum in Warwick is still free. Well worth a visit, their exhibition in the foyer includes three glass cabinets of moving toys. There are dolls, trains, puppets and a whole host of toys that move. It is enchanting. There are lots of things to do and to look at and even a few toys out to play with. Well worth a visit, especially with older grandchildren in tow.


In the museum garden there is a fascinating display of ‘flowers’ made from car components and willow. Its been there since 2014 so am guessing it will be there for a while longer.

Old Fashioned Fun in Warwick - a fascinating display of "flowers" made from car components and willow.

Old Fashioned Park

Old Fashioned Fun in Warwick - Old Fashioned Park

Towards the end of our day we popped into St Nicholas’ Park to use the loos. There is so much to do in the park; tennis courts, paddling pools, mini golf, traditional playground equipment and a permanent fun fair. It reminded me a bit of a mini Blackpool. It was heaving with toddlers, tots and grandparents!  Even the cafe had an old fashioned roof as it was thatched. Lovely place.

Old Fashioned Fun

There is of course a recently polished Treasure Trail around Warwick to enjoy too. 

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