Museums and Galleries of Liverpool

I am not surprised Liverpool was a European City of Culture. There are so many museums and galleries in the city, that in one weekend we only managed a a few. We saw loads, but today, I’ve just picked out my highlights!

Museum of Liverpool

We started with the Museum of Liverpool. We went straight up to the top floor to enjoy the spectacular views of the Three Graces, Liverpool’s iconic buildings on the waterfront. Learning about the city we had come to visit was brilliant.

Liverpool’s claims to fame of course are well known - their football clubs, the Beatles, Ken Dodd, Cilla Black, Billy Fury and many more popular celebrities in their day.

There is a fascinating exhibition about the Chinese in Liverpool who had arrived back in the day and set up laundries and restaurants in the city. It was especially investing to us as we were staying in the Chinese Quarter where the street names are also written in Chinese characters.

Museums and Galleries of Liverpool - The Three Graces
Museums and Galleries of Liverpool - Liverpool dolls

And there was a really fun display of dolls dressed in the Liverpool style! 

World Museum

We had gone to Liverpool specifically to see the Terracotta Army at the World Museum. The exhibition exceeded our expectations. The story of the Terracotta Army is fascinating. Found in 1974 the exhibition showcases objects from one of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries!

Beautifully displayed, coming face to face with actual terracotta warriors is amazing. They were created by teams of people who made solid bases and hollow tops. Each tiny detail is incredible and apparently every one was different.

On leaving the exhibition, I overheard a lady ask her 9 year old companion what facts he remembered. The one that really stood out for him, was that the First Emperor was aged just 13 when he took over the throne! What stood out for me was that the same man, Qin Shi Huang sought immortality and thought mercury might be the key. Sadly he died unexpectedly, possibly of mercury poisoning! 

Go soon though, it finishes in October.

Museums and Galleries of Liverpool - the terracotta army
Museums and Galleries of Liverpool -  the Singh twins

Walker Art Gallery

Undaunted, we made time for the Walker Gallery and the Slaves of Fashion exhibition by the Singh Twins. Their work is politically motivated and each piece tells a story. What made it extra special for us was that the twins were there and happy to talk.

I could have spent a lot longer than the two hours I was there. Their artworks were beautiful with so  much to see in each piece and what I loved about them was their relevance to today as well as the colonial past of India.

Later on we popped into St George’s Hall and found one of their paintings in there showing all that their home town of Liverpool has to offer. Their style is just so distinctive.

Next time we are in Liverpool we will make time for the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum. We will also go to the Liverpool Tate and do St George’s Hall tour. We did manage the St George’s Hall Treasure Trail though!