We're All Arms & Legs!' - The Raucous Rural Car Game

As part of our '15 Games to Entertain Kids on Long Car Journeys' to help you survive in one piece, why not try out the classic road and pub sign game counting the number of arms and legs that can be seen. A great game for the whole family. In a nutshell: Using road signs and pub names only, count the number of arms and legs you see on your journey (or part of it) to be the team with the highest number. ‘Octopus Inn’ anyone?! This will stop you getting asked "are we nearly there yet?" for... You could play this as long as everyone’s interested. Glasgow to Guildford might be pushing it though! LOL factor: High. There’s going to be some good giggles in this game. Required Mensa levels Easy peasy. Kids aged 5 and up can enjoy and play this one.


The people on the driver’s side of the car make up one team, and the people on the passenger side, the other. Anyone in the middle can choose which team to join! Everyone needs to keep an eye out for pubs and road signs on their side of the road. One point is awarded for every arm or leg each team claims on each one of the items they see.  So for example: If you see a pub called the ‘The Queen Victoria’ the team on whose side of the road it was would score 4 points (2 arms and 2 legs). ‘The Red Lion’ pub would score 4 (4 legs). ‘The Coach and Horses’ would score 12 (two horses and one driver equals 10 legs and 2 arms).

The team with the highest score at the end wins. However if someone sees a pub called ‘The Ant Hill’, then it will be game over straight away – no one will beat that score!

Pub Sign Car Game - We're all Arms and Legs car journey game

This sign would be worth 8 points (6 legs and 2 arms).

We're all Arms and Legs car journey game

This sign would be worth 4 points (2 arms and 2 legs).

Some tips and variants:
  • This game is suitable for A roads and countryside driving, not the motorway.
  • Keep score on a piece of paper.
  • Set a time limit on a long journey or play the game for the whole journey if it is relatively short.
  • Road names do not count.

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