The Impossible Question. Or is it?!

To solve this sneaky puzzle, all you have to do is correctly answer one single question. Easy!

The question is: “What time is it on the church clock?”

We are not telling you the name of the church, or where it is though.

To find the answer, we have given you a series of links in a chain which will lead you to the solution. Good luck!

The Impossible Question. Or is it?!

Chain Link 1

Complete this crossword grid. The answers to the cryptic clues are all names of well-known chocolate products.

The Impossible Question - Crossword

Download a pdf of the crossword to print out at home.

Chain Link 2

Take the shaded letters in the crossword grid and rearrange them to reveal the name of a well-known person. Their name is made up of two 5-letter words.

Chain Link 3

Go to YouTube and watch the video of the only solo song that this person sang in 1971, and spot what type of flower they had a drink from near the end of the video. Don’t forget to enjoy the song!

Chain Link 4

Believe it or not, this flower has over 13,000 varieties broken into 15 divisions. The one you want can be found on The Plant Expert website. Click on the correct flower and go to Division 2 of the flower type. The only one whose hardiness is suitable for Zone 3 to 9 without any fragrance is your answer.

Chain Link 5

Now go to Google Maps and enter the full name of this variety of flower into the search box. Pick up your golden Google man (see instructions below on how to do this) and drop him on the red pin in the centre of the location to convert the image to Streetview. Now you can search the area to find the answer to the impossible question.

For bonus points - search the square and see if you can spot what word comes before ‘Marvellous’.

The Impossible Question. Is that the golden Google man I spy?