How to be a TT City Slicker

Our hot tips for success on your next city Trail

Are you itching to get out and explore the city? Check out these top tips to make your next city mission, quest or investigation a success!

Plus, if you’re struggling to decide which adventure to choose, click here to take a look at our top city picks for this summer!

How to be…

…a top city detective!

Examine evidence like a top detective

With all the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s easy to overlook vital evidence and lose track of suspects as they slip into the crowds. To be a top city detective, you really need to remember your sleuthing training and keep your eyes peeled at all times!

The best way to ensure you don’t get distracted and miss out on vital information? Take your time and fully observe your surroundings, making notes of any suspicious activity that could be linked to your curious case.

Your case files will include all the information you need to set off on your investigation, including the case background, a suspect list, an evidence gallery and a series of clues to solve in order to whittle them down and solve the case.

…a bold city explorer!

be a bold explorer as you hunt for the treasure trove

You may think your quest will be a walk in the park (sometimes literally), but booby traps come in all shapes and sizes. While you trek through the city, you’ll need to be extra vigilant and avoid stepping on cracks in the pavement or touching iron railings. Do you hear that noise? It sounds like a giant boulder rolling towards you… Run!

Of course, it’s not just booby traps that you’ll need to stay alert for during your expedition. Can you see footprints in the grass? Is someone following you down the street? You could have a rival treasure seeker hot on your tail! Keep your important Trail notes close, and don’t let them see the answer.

Your quest documents will include all the details of the treasure you seek. You’ll find a treasure map with possible locations marked, and a series of clues, each of which will eliminate one location until you are left with the final spot.

…a super-secret city spy!

Stay alert for enemy agents on a spy mission

When on a top-secret mission in the city, you have to use your location to your advantage. There are more doors and windows for enemy agents to hide behind and more CCTV cameras for evil geniuses to tap into. BUT there are also more alleys for you to duck into to avoid detection and more reflective shop windows for you to use for slyly monitoring the area.

To avoid jeopardising your mission, you’ll need to blend into the crowd by going undercover. Wear plain clothes and avoid drawing attention to yourselves – sunglasses and big hats are perfect for the summer months. Subtly scan around every corner before advancing, and stick to the shadows.

Your super-secret spy documents include vital intel on your mission, with a set of clues that you’ll need to solve in order to complete your answer grid. Plus, there’s a combination box which, once you’ve solved every clue, will enable you to unlock the code and save the day!

What type of adventurer are you?

What type of adventurer are you?

Every Treasure Trail turns you into an intrepid explorer, a super-secret agent or a dazzling detective, depending on which theme you choose. You’ll be locating lost artefacts, saving the day on a secret mission, or searching for vital evidence to crack the case.

If you want to find out what kind of Trail adventure you might be best at this summer, we’ve created a quiz to help you find out!

Plan your city adventure

Enjoy a city adventure

Now you’re ready for any eventuality, you need to decide where to go. Take a look at our top picks to take you off the beaten track and discover hidden gems in our great UK cities this summer!

If you already know which city you’re going to explore, enter it into the search bar and choose your Treasure Trail! There’s no need to book a day or time slot - the Trails are completely self-guided, and you can do them any time. All you need is your Trail booklet, a pen, your top team of treasure seekers and a sense of adventure. So, where will you visit first?