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The proof

It's official - 60 is the new 40 and old age doesn't begin until we're 76!

"We had a great time with the grandkids" has been cropping up more and more in our Trail feedback, so we commissioned an independent survey to learn more about today's grandparents and were amazed at what we found out!

The survey of 500 grandparents across the UK has revealed that not only do modern-day pensioners believe they’re not actually old until well into their 70s, but more than a third insist old age doesn’t begin until you’re over 80!

But what has caused this shift in mindset? Our research shows that more than one in five grandparents say playing with grandchildren helps keep them young and two thirds (64%) credit ‘solving puzzles’ with stopping their mind from deteriorating. This surge in energy means new-age grandparents think they can take on code-cracking, clue-solving careers. In fact, one in four feel they have what it takes to be a private investigator, and one in eight to be a spy!

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What the experts say

Dr David Abrutat, Intelligence and Military Historian says:

“Since spycraft began there have always been codes and ciphers to break, with data analysis that goes on behind the scenes. It’s so great to see that grandparents are still solving puzzles - perhaps the British intelligence services could see some new recruits coming through in their 70s!”

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