Haiku Challenge!

Can YOU sum up your Treasure Trails experience in just 17 syllables?

We tasked Trailers over on our Facebook page to do just that - a Treasure Trails Haiku!

A Haiku is a poem with 3 lines, 5 syllables in first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third.

Here's what they came up with:

Look all about you.
Clues are hidden in plain sight.
Still need help? Just text!    

Beth Barham

The sky is so blue,
Here in sunny Uppermill.
Can you find the clue?

Kelly Strudwick

Bored this holiday?
Have fun with a Treasure Trail.
You're an Explorer.

Jen Stephenson

Ready to explore?
Release your inner Sherlock;
Find the hidden clues!     

Amy Louise

We explored the town
Cottages, sweet shop, Great Park
Found the hidden sights    

Katie Westwick

I love treasure trails
Fun for all the family 
But haikus are hard!

Liz Rumble

Clues are all around 
Look closely and you'll see them
Solve the mystery! 

Sean Goodwin

Are you bored at home?
Ready for an adventure?
Buy a treasure trail!

Jack McCabe

Some family fun 
Something for everyone 
And the best team won   

Janet McCabe

Whalley mystery,
Walk past old Abbey, solve code,
Drink in the Dog Inn!  

Doug Goodwin

Kids are home from school
Can't find anything to do
Grab a treasure map.   

Emma Marszalek

Treasure Trails galore!
Searching churchyards and pathways.
Did you get it right?

Elaine Goodwin

Time for treasure trails 
Mobile phones are in the box
Family fun time!

Tim Stephen

Our first treasure trail
Family memories made
Where is the next one?  

Helen Storey

We went to Windsor.
On our first treasure hunt.
We wil def do more!  

Lynette Kibble

These inquiring minds
Untangle, seeking, finding.
Hearts and souls content.

Ruth Carthew



A couple of our Trail Writers couldn't resist having a go!...

Can’t win the game cos
I’m a Treasure Trail writer
But can still join in! 

Amanda Ingham

Spring skies reflected
In London's Little Venice
New Trail, coming soon! 😉 

Kathy Brown


Your turn!

Think you can do better? Add your own Treasure Trails Haiku to the comments below. We'd love to hear them!

NB - A Haiku is a poem with 3 lines, 5 syllables in first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third.