Escape Rooms - One of the Latest Things to do!

People do different things to escape their every day routines! Our friends decided to entertain us with a hour in their local Escape Room!


For years and years 31 Greenhill Street, Stratford upon Avon was a charity shop. Today, it houses “an absolutely spellbinding escape room”. We had been told not to get there too early! We did, so hung about outside for a bit. We could have had a haircut, done our laundry, made a phone call, sent a parcel or had fish and chips while we were waiting!

But we just waited for our slot...

Ten minutes before the appointed hour, we were let into the building. Joe, the games master gave us a briefing and led us up to the room. Before we knew where we were, we were locked in there!

Escape Rooms - One of the Latest Things to do - Anticipation


Escape Rooms - One of the Latest Things to do - Execution

We had an hour to break the curse! Time zipped past and the four of us were totally absorbed. We had to figure out answers to puzzles to enable us to open boxes and doors.

Some of the room was quite high tech. We had wands that changed the lights! Other bits were really low tech as we tried to create a triangle out of string!

I can’t tell you too much otherwise it will spoil it for you if you decide to have a go. 


All the while the music creates a sense of urgency. The clock ticks down faster than you would expect. Did we break the curse? No we didn’t, but apparently we were really close.

The last game defeated us because we just weren’t quick enough. We knew what to do but needed a minute or two more!

Would we do another one in another town? Yes we would!

Escape Rooms - One of the Latest Things to do - Completion

Did we prefer it to playing the Treasure Trails games. No we didn’t. With a Treasure Trail you can take all the time you need to figure out the answers!

We left the escape room and headed out into the sunshine to enjoy Stratford upon Avon and double check on a couple of clues on the Stratford Treasure Trail!  

Have you been to an escape room? Let us know what you thought of it.