Eight tasty treats for your taste buds in England

Eight tasty treats for your taste buds in England

Now that coffee and cake stops, indoor dining and exploring away from home are all on the agenda, we’re following our tastebuds on a tour across the country. Take a peek at our top eight foodie experiences to seek out as you explore England in search of tasty treats!

1. Betty’s Cafe Tea Rooms in Yorkshire

afternoon tea

There are so many tasty treats to discover as you explore Yorkshire – proper Yorkshire puddings (of course), irresistible parkin, crumbly Wensleydale.. the list goes on! But, no refreshment stop is quite the same as Betty’s Cafe Tea Rooms.

Whether you’re rambling across Ilkley Moor, roaming through the stunning gardens at Harlow Carr, soaking up the historical gems in York and Northallerton or planning some retail therapy in Harrogate, the afternoon tea experience at Betty’s should be right at the top of the to-do list (closely followed by a Yorkshire Treasure Trail, of course!).

2. Parched peas in Lancashire

Parched Peas Fleetwood Lancs | Love Where You Live

A seaside trip to Lancashire isn’t quite complete without fish and chips on the beach. But one little morsel is often overlooked by visitors – Lancashire parched peas.

Parched peas (sometimes called black peas or dapple peas) are either carlin peas or black-eyed peas cooked until thick and mushy, then sprinkled with malt vinegar. This popular treat is traditionally served in the North of England around Bonfire Night – perfect for warming everyone up! – but can often be spotted at hot snack shacks and refreshment stops all year round. What do you think? A tasty treat to try, or ‘I’d rather have in ice cream’?

3. Saffron buns in Cornwall

Saffron Buns from Cornwall

No matter where you visit in Cornwall – the rural coastal resorts, the visitor hotspots or even the little mining villages – you’re never far from a bakery (it’s practically Cornish law!). But when you’re exploring during your staycation, pull your eyes away from the pasties and scones to discover an understated local delight – saffron buns.

Saffron, the most expensive spice by weight, was always a big part of Cornish culture, often traded for tin and copper as well as being grown thanks to the climate. Saffron buns, or revel buns, were the perfect tea treat for special occasions, feast days and celebrations, offering rich, spiced, fruity goodness. Since your holiday is definitely a special occasion, you’ve got to give this sweet delight a try!

4. Garlic treats on the Isle of Wight

Garlic Festival Ventnor Isle of Wight t

There is one crucial rule when it comes to cooking with garlic – always use more than the recipe says! Over in the Isle of Wight, the love of garlic hits brand new heights with the annual Garlic Festival in the summer, celebrating their very own garlic farm and its produce.

We’re not just talking garlic bread (although that is a very moreish option) – there’s garlic ice cream, garlic fudge, even garlic beer! If you’re not lucky enough to be visiting during the Garlic Festival, don’t worry – head inland to the Arreton Valley and visit The Garlic Farm shop and restaurant for your pick of tasty garlic treats to fuel your stay or take home to savour.

5. Brewery tours in Staffordshire

England Brewery Tours

Hop on over to Burton-on-Trent to take a peek at the National Brewery Centre or Marstons Brewery or visit one of the smaller, independent breweries around the county. If you don’t fancy a full tour, simply pop into any local pub to sample the finished product!

Why Burton? Well, beer has been made there since monks started brewing back in the 11th century. The region’s ales have long been popular all around the world. The secret to their success is the local water from surrounding hills. The minerals not only produce great tasting beer but also help it to last longer, all the better for shipping worldwide!

6. Oysters in Kent

Kent Coast Oysters

There’s no better time to treat yourself to some fresh seafood than during a trip to the seaside. From Dover Sole to cockles in Margate, the county is your oyster! Speaking of which…

Whitstable is home to the annual Oyster Festival every summer, showcasing some of Kent’s tastiest morsels and captivating traditions. If you’re not around during the festival, there are still tonnes of amazing restaurants, cafes and stalls all year round offering up oysters and seafood to hungry visitors.

7. Kendal Mint Cake in Cumbria

Kendal Mint Cake

Sweet-toothed explorers can’t take a trip to Cumbria without picking up a pack (or three) of Kendal Mint Cake to fuel their adventures. Whether you choose Romney’s or Quiggin’s, you can check out their websites to see how it’s made.

Kendal Mint Cake is super popular amongst climbers and mountaineers as a source of energy during their expeditions. If it worked for Sir Edmund Hillary during his first successful ascent of Mount Everest, then it should certainly work for you during your quests around the Lake District!

8. Honey and mead in Northumberland

Northumberland Honey and Mead

The sweet taste of honey is a just reward for any intrepid explorer! In Northumberland, the Northumberland Honey Co lives and breathes bees, honey and mead in the heart of Hadrian’s Wall country.

What is mead? It’s an alcoholic drink made from fermented honey. In Northumberland, it was made by the monks of Lindisfarne in medieval times. Nowadays, you can seek out all sorts of honey related delights, from honey chocolates to sparking mead; the bee equivalent of Champagne!

Discover England’s hidden gems with a Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails turn an everyday walk into a full-blown adventure for the whole family to enjoy! And if you’re exploring somewhere new, there are ample opportunities to take a break from your clue solving to track down some tasty treats and sample the local delicacies on offer.

Whether you’re 6 or 106, as you embark on your self-guided quest, you’ll become engrossed in an imaginative tale that twists and turns through a series of crafty clues to crack the elusive secret code.

Channel your inner super-sleuth or become a daring detective; either way, you’ll relish the chance to conquer your quest together while exploring a host of England’s landmarks along the way. What more do you need for a great day out?

With over 1,200 Trails across the UK, including more than 900 in England, you’ll be spoiled for choice, whether you’re sticking local or planning a staycation. Where will you explore first?

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