Daft Stuff You Absolutely Need to Know

Regular Trailers will know that all our Trails have 2 or 3 funny, quirky or just plain interesting “Did you Knows” which relate to the towns and villages the Trails are set around. We don’t have any pan UK Trails, but if we did we might use some of the following “Did You Knows” just for fun.

Did Ye Know Me Hearties

  • 19th September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  So you will need to get ready for it by polishing up on phrases like Arr and Aye Aye Cap’n! The point of the day is it is pointless apparently and you can read all about it here!
  • The word pirate comes from Latin pīrāta, from Greek peirātēs one who attacks, from peira an attempt, attack. Another one for the quiz bank.
  • Pirates are great singers because they can hit the high C's! Ha ha.

Does Anyone Know

  • Jack the Ripper enjoyed a brief career as London’s most infamous serial murderer and the fact that he was never caught still adds to the mystery surrounding him. Nevertheless, it is thought that his horrible mutilation of

Mary Kelly was his last act of violence and there is no evidence that Jack, whoever he may have been, killed again after November 1888. Phew!

  • Ruder Symmetry is an anagram of Murder Mystery as is Dry Summer Tyre. When investigating if you have a list of suspects you could “try seedy Mr Rum” or “try Mrs Mudeery”!   What other nutty anagrams can you get from Murder Mystery?
  • Arsenic has been called “The King of Poisons”, for its discreetness and potency. Many famous lives have died through poison including Napoleon Bonaparte, George the 3rd of England and Simon Bolivar! Yuck, must be a horrible way to die

Psst, Did You Know

  • James Bond’s code 007 was inspired by the bus route from Canterbury to London that Ian Fleming took!   Today, there is an 007 that goes from Bromsgrove to Halesowen - doesn’t have the same ring about it, does it.
  • There is an international spy museum in Washington, but you don’t have to go to America to visit a spy museum! Here in the UK we’ve found one in Herefordshire dedicated to Violette Szabo and one in Chicksands in Bedfordshire.  There is also the Mason Collection housed in a museum in Essex which displays ‘real pieces of espionage equipment’.
  • Apparently the game “I spy with my little eye” originated in the early 20th century as the first record of it is in The Winnipeg Free Press in December 1937! Now you really did need to know that didn’t you!

What other daft facts can you add to this list? Comment below or on our facebook page!