Celebrating Significant Birthdays

Celebrating Significant Birthdays - how big will YOUR cake be?

Did you know that we've only been celebrating many of our major milestone birthdays for past 60 years or so? Before that, nobody celebrated any significant birthday, except their 21st and their 100th when the prize was receiving that much coveted telegram from the Queen.

Then, 18th birthdays started to be celebrated as well as retirement at 60 or 65. Nowadays, any excuse for a knees up goes! Any new decade from 30th to 90th, and any anniversary you can think of is ripe for a celebration.

Going out for a birthday meal

Lunch, tea or evening meal with friends and family is probably one of the easiest ways to celebrate a significant birthday as once the venue is chosen and the invitations are sent out there isn’t too much else to organise. You just have to think about what to wear!

Putting on a party

If you want to involve more people, then an opportunity for everyone to mingle and catch up is vital. There's no better way to do this than with a party. Whether it's a BBQ in the garden or a hired venue with a buffet and disco, everyone will be sure to have a great time. Just don't forget the balloons with that special birthday number on them and make sure the cake is big enough for all guests to get a decent slice!

Make a memory book

Some people don't like a fuss or a gathering, and that's fine. But that doesn't mean you can't mark their special day in a memorable way. 'This is Your Life' but not on the telly. Ask friends and relatives to send you old photos and memories of the birthday person, and compile them into a book or photo album for them to treasure forever. Think Lots of companies online offer this service to create a professional looking book, but if you're on a budget, get a scrapbook and a glue stick and make your own!

Go on a road trip

Whether it's to a favourite place or somewhere completely new, there's nothing like getting out of the house for a bit of exploring. Plan some favourite activities for you destination or arrange some sightseeing stops on the way there or back to make a great road trip full of memories.

A birthday adventure like no other

You can combine any or all of the above with an awesome day out, taking on the challenge of a treasure hunt, spy mission or detective mystery. For that special occasion, you can personalise any Treasure Trail, giving it your own title and uploading your own photo to go on the front cover to make it extra special. Plus, solving the mystery will give you one more thing to celebrate!


Author: Amanda Ingham, Treasure Trails Herefordshire & Worcestershire