Brave Buccaneer

Brave Buccaneer

Fearless and super brave, nothing makes you shiver on any pirate adventure, giving you the title Brave Buccaneer!

You boldly go forth in search of treasure but can be clumsy at times! You know what you like and like what you know, but you don’t like change or any newfangled things. 

You’re motivated by big rewards – it’s all about the gold for you! 

Your ideal pirate adventure

Show off your buccaneering skills on a treasure hunt Treasure Trail.

Get Out There with Treasure Trails

To find your closest treasure quest, head to the Treasure Trails website and click on the ‘Buy a Treasure Trail’ tab at the top. Choose your local area to see all the Trails nearby listed on the left-hand side.

Click on the ‘Advanced Filter’ drop-down option above this list, and then pick the right theme to show all the quests near you!

Once you’ve chosen your Treasure Trail, read on for top tips on how to plan your perfect expedition.

Make a swashbuckling day of it

Pre-Trail prep

Before you depart on your voyage, it’s vital that you’re prepared for the perilous journey ahead.

Fuel up

You’ll need a hearty breakfast, me hearties… check the cupboards for sea biscuits, bread and, as it’s early in the voyage, fruit, as this won’t have gone off! For modern-day alternatives, grab some cereal or toast and jam.

Get yer clobber on

You don’t care what you wear – you’re a pirate! You can buy new smart clothes after you’ve found the treasure! But you could make a pirate hat…

Limber up

Shiver me timbers - you might be a bit rusty! Have a good shake out, limb by limb, before you set off, then practice looking left to sea, right to land, up to the crow’s nest and down to the decks. Then, a brisk 30 seconds of climbing the rigging, and you’re ready to go!

Limbs not quite loose enough yet? Try our Explorer Training Video here:

Pick your explorer codename

You never know how many other pirates could be on your tail during your quest for the treasure.

To avoid giving away your identity and drawing attention to yourself, you’ll need to choose a codename. Make sure each member of your expedition team has their own codename and that you refer to them with that name at all times!

Pick your Explorer Codename

Out on yer Trail

Top Trailing tips

You can be impatient – you want to get to that treasure first and fast. Don’t rush – you need to get everything right, or you’ll miss out on the gold! So take your time and consider all the possibilities before you plump for a clue answer! And if a clue is something outside your comfort zone, your fellow pirates are there to help you out, so don’t be afraid to delegate. 

Get yer pirate on

Every time your spot a clue, shout – Ah Harrrr – I see it! 

If you’re struggling to find something, roll your Trail booklet into a telescope and take a look through that!

Keep a lookout for…

Anyone with a parrot on their shoulder or a shovel - they could be after the same treasure! 

Any vessels bearing a skull and crossbones flag.

Back on the ship

Submit yer answer

To finish off your pirate adventure, you need to know whether you’re celebrating your success or commiserating missing out on that treasure! So get your answer submitted as soon as you can!

Grab some grub

If you ate all yer sea biscuits for breakfast, how about some fish n chips? Go for the catch of the day - it’s always the freshest!

Hunker down below decks for some evening fun

Get yer game hats on with a quick round of hide and seek, or dig out a deck of cards and play Rummy. Find out how to play Rummy here.

Pick a prime spot on the sofa for some pirate adventure films: Peter Pan (2003), Hook (1991) and Muppet Treasure Island (1996) are all swashbucklingly good fun! Or try The Princess Bride (1987) for laughs for all the family or The Goonies (1985) for some classic escapades!

Get some bedtime reading in with these classic pirating tales: Naturally, Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson, 1883) is the classic choice, but there are lots of other great reads out there too! How I Became a Pirate (Melinda Long, 2003) is a wonderfully witty, silly tale of one child’s adventures, which beautiful illustrations. Or why not stock up on some pirating facts with 100 Questions About Pirates (Simon Abbott, 2018)?

What’s next?

Now that you’ve had a taste of adventure, you’ll be eager for some more! But did you learn anything while on your expedition? Put your new-found knowledge to the test and retake the quiz to see if there’s anything you’d do differently next time. You may discover that you’ve become a totally new type of adventurer!

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