The hunt for the UK's Biggest Kidult!

IMAGE: The Hunt for the UK's Biggest Kidult

We're on the hunt for the UK's biggest kidult! But what even is a kidult? Are you one, or even "the one"? Let's find out...

First, a little language lesson. A kidult, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary, is basically an adult who likes doing or buying things intended for children. If you like testing your skills on the trampoline after the kids have gone to school, the urge to jump in muddy puddles is almost overwhelming or you find yourself dragging your family to the toy store (because you can never have enough Lego!), you might be a kidult.

IMAGE: Definition of Kidult

Next, the research. More and more adults are embracing the kidult lifestyle and filling the 'life' part of the work-life balance with fun activities that would make our 10-year-old selves jealous. On the flip side, kids are growing up faster and faster.

Could instant access to technology and the internet be taking time away from imaginative play? There's certainly a desire within the youngest generation to be "grown up" sooner than the generations before them, and much earlier than their parents would like.

Despite 40% of parents saying they struggle to control their child's screentime, as revealed by Ofcom, time in the playground is a different ballgame. You might be surprised to discover just how many kids play, or at least know about, the classic games enjoyed by their parents, grandparents or even older siblings. One thing is for certain, though - almost all kids love it when grown-ups join in too.

INFOGRAPHIC: Are kids growing up faster now?

Be a kidult on a real-life adventure!

Here at Treasure Trails, we embrace kidults all over. Our company ethos is all about family fun with a big slice of imagination, promoting outdoor adventure, staying active, exploring, digital detox, and working together.

A Treasure Trail is a great tool for any adult wishing to unleash their inner kid.  Kidults can lead by example, using the power of imagination to transform any Trail into a full-blown adventure. Young explorers in tow will be amazed and inspired! All you need to do is get into character, slip your super-sleuthing outfit on and have what is perhaps the best value family day out in 2022!

Need some pointers for getting into character? Check out our guide to being the ultimate kidult! Consider it an acting class for wannabe spies, detectives, pirates, and, of course, kidults.

Are you a kidult worthy of the title?

We think Aaron, the Chief Mischief-Maker here at Treasure Trails, is the biggest kidult in the UK, but his seven-year-old son challenges YOU to take that title from him.


Our esteemed judges over at Day Out With The Kids are deliberating over all the entries as we speak and will make their announcement soon! Make sure you're signed up to our newsletter to find out who our winner is - sign up at the bottom of this page.

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