The Annoyingly Addictive Treasure Hunt Game!

A Treasure Trail is all about following a route and solving clues, so you can see why we're somewhat obsessed with this FREE Treasure Hunt Game that we’ve discovered online.

Aaron has currently got office bragging rights with his high score of 48,770, much to Sam and Tristan’s annoyance; they were sure that he wasn’t going to beat their attempts!

The all-time top score is 55,630. Reckon you could beat that?

The person with the highest score by Wednesday 22nd February will win a Treasure Trail of their choice. See “Win a Treasure Trail - How to enter” below for full details.

Good luck! And please could someone try and beat Aaron’s score? If you don’t we'll never hear the last of it!

Treasure Hunt Game

Top Tips

  • Don’t be put off by the annoying ad before the game starts. You may have to watch a 30 second ad but if you get the option, click on the “Skip” button as soon as you can.
  • Click or tap on the squares to complete a clear path through to the treasure chest. The “treasure hunter” will only move once the path is clear. See "How to play" image above .
  • Squares full of mud can’t be moved so you’ll have to go around them.
  • You get around 3 minutes to complete each level. The quicker you complete a level the more bonus points you score!
  • There are 30 levels which get harder as you progress. On some levels, you have to make a path to a key to unlock a certain area before you can progress onto the treasure chest. On later levels you will have to get to two treasure chests.
  • Once completed, make sure to post you score on the games leader board to see how you rank. Also, comment below with your score, as the highest score posted by Wednesday 22nd February 2017 will win a Treasure Trail of their choice. See full details on how to enter below.

Win a Treasure Trail Competition - How to enter

So, you’ve completed the game and have been given your final score. To enter the competition to win a Treasure Trail of your choice, post your high score on the game's leader board entering your chosen name, followed by TT for example, “Treasure Hunter TT ”.

Once you have posted your final score on the game's leader board, comment below giving details of your entry name and score. You can enter as many times as you like and the person with the highest score on the game's leader board (and in the comments below) on 22nd February 2017 will win a Treasure Trail of their choice.

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