5 Reasons to Take a Trip Around the UK in 2017

Famed for its rich cultural heritage and natural wonders, the UK is increasingly becoming a favourite amongst tourists. From the dizzying heights of London’s skyline to the rural pastures of Northumberland, the UK offers a variety of holiday experience like no other - meaning from young to old and families to couples, there really is something for everyone in this picturesque part of the world.

Today, Flying Scot Glasgow - providers of low cost parking - are bringing you 5 reasons why the UK makes for the ideal holiday destination and allows you to avoid the stress and expense of going abroad.

Natural wonders

From rural getaways to coastal breaks, the UK has it all and, in some regions, you can enjoy a day in the countryside followed by an evening by the sea. Perfect for any holidaymaker, from families looking to the enjoy the traditions of Britain’s seaside towns to walkers hoping to appreciate the views and quaint villages of the countryside, the UK boasts a variety of landscapes.

The Scottish Isles, Lake District and Northumberland regions are just a few of the many UK hotspots that are brimming with natural beauty - and are both accessible and astonishing. From moors and lochs to rolling hills and impressive peaks, any holidaymaker hoping to tune into nature will have a wealth of British destinations to choose from.

5 Reasons to Take a Trip Around the UK in 2017 - Natural Wonders

Rich History

The rich history of the United Kingdom - from the War of the Roses to its journey from Catholicism to multiculturalism - can be explored and enjoyed as part of your UK holiday.

Adding to the educational value offered to UK holidaymakers are glorious castles, ancient ruins, magnificent architecture and exceptional museums. A trip to one of Britain’s historic sites - from witnessing the One O’clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle to discovering the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory - offers an authentic insight into the country’s diverse history. If you’re looking to get acquainted with local tradition during your trip, depending on where you’re holidaying, you can experience everything from seaside fish and chips to a pint of Guinness at Dublin’s Guinness Factory.

Festivals and Events

The UK is famous for its diverse cultural traditions, many of which that continue to be celebrated today. Literary pilgrimages exploring the memory of masterminds like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens inspire British tourism, and add extra appeal to many tourist sites.

British summer is dominated by world famous festivals that promise a cultural experience suitable for all ages. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest art festival in the world, and music festivals such as Glastonbury and V Festival welcome musicians and performers from across the globe. After all, it isn’t a British summer without donning a pair of wellington boots!

5 Reasons to Take a Trip Around the UK in 2017 - Family Fun

Family Fun

An advantage of the UK’s extraordinary landscape is the extensive range of adventure sports and activities available throughout the country. From gorge walking to canoeing across the nation’s lakes, the range of activities both below and above ground make for an unforgettable day out.

For families, taking part in these activities guarantees a fun way to bond, while taking in the beauty of the surrounding areas. Man-made attractions like the magical Bewilderwood, London’s Harry Potter World and Britain’s multiple theme parks are also on offer for thrill-seekers holidaying in urban spaces.

Vibrant Cities and Towns

The UK is also home to an abundance of metropolitan cities, from the medieval alleyways of Dublin to the cocktail capital that is Manchester. Be it shopping, taking in a show or exploring on a double decker bus, the UK boasts dynamic cities that offer something for everyone.

If you’re hoping to tick well-known landmarks off your list, London is home to a wealth of must-see attractions. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, there are a number of famous sites that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Quainter locations such as Whitby and the medieval city of York are also ideal holiday destinations, with just enough going on to step out of the chaos of reality and into an authentic, spirited atmosphere.

5 Reasons to Take a Trip Around the UK in 2017 - Vibrant Cities and Towns

For holidaymakers that want it all without the stress that comes with planning a trip abroad, the perfect destination is just outside your door! And don't forget there are hundreds of Treasure Trails to try out wherever you are in the UK. 

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