Sight Seeker

You're a Sight Seeker! You love to discover what makes up a place - whether it's the historical buildings, past residents, art scenes or natural elements - and you try to soak everything up when you explore. Your love of learning takes you to a variety of attractions during your days out, and you relish stumbling upon hidden gems and quirky features as you go. Your keen observation means you often notice and remember more than the rest of your friends, making you the perfect addition to any quiz team! You're always up for a new activity or challenge, but you also appreciate quiet times to just relax in your surroundings, read a good book or work through some puzzles.

Your Bucket List

Your Sight Seeker Bucket List

Your challenge is to: Keep your eyes peeled! We have 15 challenges plus bonus challenges for you to choose from. Will you complete 5, 10 or all 15 along with all three bonus challenges?

Tower challenge

1. Tower challenge: Head to the top floor of the tallest publically accessible building in your area and enjoy the view of the buildings below.

Hidden Gem challenge

2. Hidden Gem challenge: Explore 'off the beaten track' in a historical town or city, keeping your eyes peeled for interesting features and intriguing plaques as you go.

Museum challenge

3. Museum challenge: Make a list of five museums within easy travelling distance that you’ve never been to before. Have a vote and plan a visit to the winner.

Summit challenge

4. Summit challenge: Discover the highest point in your county, then go and get as near to it as you can.

Castle challenge

5. Castle challenge: Spend a day exploring a castle attraction, a historical house or ancient ruins that you've been eager to visit but haven't had the chance to yet.

Bridge challenge

6. Bridge challenge: Go on an open-top bus tour of a city you think you know, and make sure you bring headphones to listen to the tour guide - you never know what you might learn or see! Call out "Bridge" every time you go under or over a bridge during the tour.

Colour challenge

7. Colour challenge: Visit somewhere new and play rainbow bingo as you explore! Tally up how many times each colour appears in your surroundings - street art, shop fronts, nature etc. Which one is used the most?

Cathedral challenge

8. Cathedral challenge: Instead of enjoying the usual view outside a cathedral, head inside and go on a tour of the building.

Food challenge

9. Food challenge: Host a bake-off morning with your friends. Pick a theme and give yourselves extra points for design - make it eye-catching!

Z challenge

10. Z challenge: Make a list of 26 places or landmarks in the UK you’d like to visit, each beginning with (or continaing) a different letter of the alphabet.

Miles challenge

11. Miles challenge: Go on an alternative walking tour, like the Hidden London Walking Tour or the EDITburgh Tour.

Art challenge

12. Art challenge: Pause at every mural, sculpture, statue or piece of street art and take time to properly look at it.

Space challenge

13. Space challenge: Spend an evening stargazing, either by lying on the ground or using a telescope if you can get your hands on one. For the best chance of spotting constellations, visit one of these brilliant Dark Sky Reserves

TV or Film challenge

14. TV or Film challenge: Explore a filming location, then head home and watch the film or TV show it featured in.

Inventions challenge

15. Inventions challenge: Explore a place linked to a famous inventor, then recreate one of their inventions using household supplies.

Bonus Challenges

Inventions challenge

Bonus 1. Embark on a quest to locate a missing artefact on a treasure hunt themed Treasure Trail! Complete your quest and submit your answer to complete this challenge. 

Inventions challenge

Bonus 2. Become a secret agent for the day and go on a spy themed Treasure Trail. Complete your mission and submit your answer to complete this challenge.

Inventions challenge

Bonus 3. Search for evidence and crack the case on a detective mystery themed Treasure Trail. Complete your investigations and submit your answer to complete this challenge. 

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Adventure changes the way you see the world for the better - something we all need after the last few years! So, tap into your inner sightseer, step out of the front door with your eyes wide open and make this your year of adventure!

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