Welcome to our new website -

So what's new pussy cat?!

It feels like years ago that we started working on this new website – well, that’s probably because it was! For those who knew that a new site was coming, it had started to feel like the ‘Treasure Trails New Website’ could feature on a Channel 4 documentary about all the great myths; Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster,  Elvis living in a condo in Milton Keynes…! 

But, the new site is now here, and we really hope that all the time we have spent thinking about how to make your online Trail shopping experience easier is spot on – if it’s not, please let us know as we’ll be continually working to improve the site further.

In the meantime, here are some of the key new features:


The site is fully mobile responsive

If you are using the site on a computer, tablet, phone or even phablet, our site will reduce its size and features to make everything as easy as possible for you to use. So now it’s much easier for you to plan your next Treasure Trails adventure, wherever you are!


Responsive design

Finding your Trail location made easy!

There are two ways to see what Trails we have near where you would like to explore:

1.    The location ‘search’ box
2.    The county region list


The location search box 

Our search box links to Google maps, making for a quick and easy way to find the Trail you want. 

1.    Enter the postcode, name of town, village, city, county, or anything else you can think of in the search box


2.     Google will then bring up the list for you to choose from - select the correct one and press enter or the search icon

3.    You will then come to our ‘Search results page’. You will see a list of all the Trails closest to your search location and a Google map showing all the Trail locations (this feature is not available on a mobile due to usability issues

4.    Select from the list of Trails or from the map and this will then take you through to the Trail page – within the Trail page you will also see Trails nearby (this function is not available on a mobile view)


The search facility

The county region list


We have tried to break the counties up better than our old site did, so hopefully it will be easier for you to see what Trails we have where.

1.    Using the primary navigation, choose the ‘Buy a Treasure Trail’ tab and then select a sub region 

2.    This will then take you through to the county page, with a list of all Trails within the region displayed alphabetically, and if using a tablet or computer, Trails will be displayed on the Google map as well. Unlike on our old site, you can now move the map around to see Trail locations in neighbouring regions (these will not appear in the textual list though)

3.    Select the Trail you are interested in using the list or Google maps (desktop and tablet only) to go to the Trail page


The county search options

Improvements to the Trail information pages

We have tried to make the Trail pages as simple as possible whilst still providing all the information you need.

Each Trail page has the following features:

-    Easy to read icons to show Trail length, duration and accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users

-    A brief overview of the Trail route in the intro blurb

-    Trail location. This shows the start location of the Trail including a full postcode and a view on Google maps (not available on mobile view)

-    Other Trails nearby. These are shown on the left hand column along with their distance from the Trail you are currently viewing (this is not a feature on the mobile view)

-    Improved buy buttons – rather than having three buy buttons as the old site did – you now choose from the drop down menu to select whether you want your Trail as a download link, sent to you in the post, or personalised and sent in the post


Trail page features

Trail route and buy button



Improvements to the account process

If you have, or would like an account with us then the good news is that we’ve made the account process much better – all your old orders are stored within your account and you can download your Trails from your online account up to 4 weeks after purchase.


You can now download your recent Trail orders within your account



Quicker checkout

We have streamlined our checkout process – it is all on one page and you don’t need to create an account to buy. What’s more, you can make a one-click purchase with PayPal Express if you are really in a rush to get out on your Trail!


The whole site is even more secure

We have always taken site security seriously. Our old site had encrypted pages on the checkout process so that all details were 100% safe, but we have added even more security to the site by making the whole site https. If you would like more information on our site security, it can be seen here.


Be confident with our 100% safe and secure site



More about us!

Did you know that the ‘About Us’ page on the old site was the second most visited page? To quench this thirst for knowledge about all things Treasure Trails, we’ve added even more information about our story and the people behind the Trails!


The Treasure Trails story