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The Secret DNA of a Super-Trailer

Scientists at the Treasure Trails labs have stumbled upon something interesting. It seems that the top 1% of our Trailers all have a common thread within their DNA string.

There is one tiny piece of the research left to do though, and we are asking you if you can help us.

Download this free puzzle, and get the family together to put your grey matter to the test!

Secret DNA of a Super-Trailer

Download the puzzle

Click on the image below or the following link to download the puzzle to help you solve the final piece of the research into the Secret DNA of a Super-Trailer.

Once solved, dig a little bit deeper and the true answer will be revealed!

Comment below and let us know if you think you are a Super-Trailer and why - the best 5 reasons will win a Treasure Trails voucher!

Solved it, or just need to know the answer!

Enter your answer below and you will find out if you are correct or not!

Don't forget to comment on why you think you are a Super-Trailer and why you deserve to win a free Treasure Trails voucher!

We will pick the best 5 reasons on the 19th June and inform the winners by email. Our standard competition details apply.



The Secret DNA of a Super-Trailer
Article Name
The Secret DNA of a Super-Trailer
Scientists at the Treasure Trails labs are stuck. Can you help them and solve this free puzzle to discover what makes up the Secret DNA of a Super-Trailer?
Publisher Name
Treasure Trails
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  • Supertrailers share the love of trailing and I want to take my team of 30 people out the office and treasure trail in our local town … followed by beer … and maybe a pizza 🙂

  • I am a Super-Trailer because I solved this puzzle not knowing there were previous questions for this puzzle and used my own superior grey matter. I am persnickety and no one deserves a Treasure Trails voucher more than someone who openly admits they are persnickety! My family would vouch that that deserves a voucher of recognition. Teehee.

  • For a family of Einsteins, perfect adventure for the summer to keep active and see the country. Wheelchair accessible trails let us see places we would otherwise never seen even in places we thought we knew well !

    • Great to hear that the Trails are keeping your family busy Andrew. Do you use the ‘Wheelchair’ filter on the website? It is a little hidden as it can only be seen on a search by County rather than location (i.e. using the navigation at the top (traditional style) rather than the search box) – let me know if you would like me to explain this in more depth

    • I think you are a Super-Trailer Deborah, but someone got there before you! Your post did make us laugh though 🙂

  • I’m a red hot Super Trailer just like radioactive Einsteinium. Only the best deserve the best – Treasure Trails!

  • I believe that I am a super-trailer as my super power is solving puzzles and my cryptonite is spelling. May the puzzles be challenging, but the answers be less than 4 letters!

  • I’m a super trailer because they finally get me exploring all the places that I’m too bored to window shop around. Thanks to treasure trails I’ve discovered that town and city centres are not just clones of each other, but are all completely fascinating in their own way and full of history.

  • *****
    Admin – The correct answer from Aleskandra, but we have blocked it out so that it does not ruin the puzzle for anyone else

  • I’m a Super-Trailer because I’ve been doing treasure hunts and trails since I was a small child, and I want to bring my own daughter up to love them as much as I do.

  • I am a Super Trailer because it has been a great way to get members of all ages of the family having a friendly competition, out in the fresh air, looking for clues in interesting places. I also beat my partner (snigger, snigger), although her reading this has caused some indignation on her part as she claimed she did!!

  • I would like to think that I’m a super-trailer with the added super-power of keeping a straight face until the children have the answer and not giving too many hints!

  • We are definitely super-trailers; the sight of our 2 small kids in the pouring rain peering at gravestons trying to make out a date, and refusing to leave till they found it. True super-trailers!

    • Congratulations Melissa! You are winner of a free Trail. Please get in touch using our ‘Contact’ Form so that we can then email you a voucher code. Many thanks. Aaron

  • Einsteinium I’m no genius but I can’t resist a puzzle think its from watching years of Scooby doo, no super power required just 5mins peace and quiet for the old grey cells to awaken from their slumber 🙂

    • And I would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids! Love a bit of Scooby Doo!
      Glad you like the puzzles Jason 🙂

  • I’m a Super Trailer, lights are gonna find me, shining like the sun, smiling having fun, feeling like a number one!!

  • I’m a Super-Trailer because we can’t go home until we have solved the mystery! (Then we can reward ourselves with tea and cake!)

  • We recently did the Bridlington one and it was brill. Got to see so much that I haven’t seen before even though I used to go there every year as a kid, even found lots of charity shops which we had to keep going in to buy jumpers because it was so cold when we were doing it!! That must make us super trailers! 😀

  • We love treasure trails because there are very few activities for teenagers advertised anywhere and they are a great introduction to a place.

  • I’m a Super Trailer, lights are gonna find me, shining like the sun, smiling having fun, feeling like a number one!! Just like a Super Trailer, clues are gonna get me, running up and down, all over the town, we all love Treasure Trails now.

    • Congratulations Wendy! You are winner of a free Trail. Please get in touch using our ‘Contact’ Form so that we can then email you a voucher code. Many thanks. Aaron

  • I’m a super-trailer, passionately curious,
    Fun treasure trail clues
    come fast and furious.
    Like riding a bicycle, you must keep moving
    For a fun way to keep your knowledge improving

  • I’m a super trailer because I found a way to explore wonderful places with my children in a fun and exciting way whilst also allowing them to learn about the great history without them realising hehehe.

  • Preparation is the key. To avoid a steep climb, (hello, Newcastle!) I memorise the route on Google maps and then divide the trail into several stages so that I always start from a bus stop at the top of a hill and finish at the bottom.

  • It gets the family out looking at familiar places in a different light. Fun and a little frustration along the way allows us to work together to solve the puzzle

  • My six year old says she is a super-trailer because she is clever.
    I believe we are super-trailers as it brings us together as a family to have fun outside and do something we all enjoy whilst learning new things about the places we visit that we wouldn’t necessarily see or know. We are so used to looking down and about for caches this actually gets us to look up and read and see the surroundings.
    We love the different themes too, cant wait to get out and about and do one we haven’t soon.

    • Congratulations Louise! You are winner of a free Trail. Please get in touch using our ‘Contact’ Form so that we can then email you a voucher code. Many thanks. Aaron

  • We went to Woodall spa last year 2016. Looking for something to do I search the we site and we found the treasure trail. Got the map and clues from the library. We’ve never done anything like this as a family. A lot of walking but was a lovely day. My 9 year old daughter was totally amazed by the history. In our group there was myself, daughter and husband then my mum and dad and our 2 dogs. Amazing day can’t wait to do another one else where

    • Hi Erin, That sounds great; we are so pleased to hear that the whole family (including the dogs!) loved the Trail. We look forward to hearing how you get on with your next adventure!

  • I am a supertrailer because I can think of nothing better than approaching a town through its backroutes and byways, looking closely for clues amidst all that which is often overlooked, uncovering history and communicating with the past. Purposeful tourism is the best and I have given my family the bug too, so I think that breeding and culturation adds to my supertrailer capacities!

    • Congratulations Esther! You are winner of a free Trail. Please get in touch using our ‘Contact’ Form so that we can then email you a voucher code. Many thanks. Aaron

  • I am a super-trailer because I love exploring and uncovering the hidden secrets of a town/city, and discovering the untold stories of the streets both past and present

    • It’s all about the hidden gems isn’t it Suz! Delighted to hear that you are enjoying the Trails 🙂

  • I’m a super trailer because I dragged my family around in the pouring rain, and we all actually enjoyed it!

  • I’m not really a super trailer – I mess up some of them, but I doggedly stuck to the task and managed to nail the ones in Llandeilo, Cardiff, and Chepstow. Less so Portsmouth and Beaumaris though. I guess you can see from the locations that it gets me out and about though – and I always learn something new, even in places I’m very familiar with. I guess that’s the point? Anyway, keep up the good work – I’m a big fan of your work.

    • Hi Gareth,
      I think your perseverance does make you a Super-Trailer! Great feedback and delighted to hear that you love the Trails so much!

  • I am a super trailer because I love walking. I love visiting new and beautiful places come rain or shine and taking pictures so I can share these places and experiences with others. Treasure Trails add another element to walking and exploring. By solving clues and looking for visual references you will often discover things that you may have missed and have fun at the same time. My parents shared their love of treasure trails with me and I have since shared them with others and will continue to purchase and buy new trails as long as you keep making them.

    • Great justification for being a Super-Trailer Nigel. Delighted to hear that the Treasure Trails bug is being passed through the generations!

  • And the winners are…

    There are so many great comments here! I wanted to award everyone with a free Treasure Trail for their great reasons as to why they are a Super-Trailer, but the big boss wouldn’t let me! So we have chosen 6 (sorry, I could not pick 5) winners of a free Treasure Trail as follows:
    Melissa, Wendy Gill, Helen Fitzjohn, Louise Brady, Esther Watson-Leslie and as we felt it was very original… Jennifer Norris.

    Each winning comment has had a notification post put up after it so that you can see which ones were the winning comments.

    Thanks again everyone – you’re all Super-Trailers!

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