Well done on solving the puzzle. I bet you want know what the secret is?
It is that we know the precise place where Winston Graham wrote the first two Poldark books and we can take you right there.

This is the spot where, in the 1940s, Winston Graham lived in a rented bungalow above Perranporth beach. The spectacular three miles of golden beach below his house and the view out to the ocean must have inspired the author, and although the bungalow is no longer standing, visitors to the site can still enjoy the same view from a memorial bench in Graham's name, sited where the bungalow used to stand.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

Now, if you are lucky enough to be able to actually visit the site of Winston Graham’s bench, we have hidden a secret box for you to find. The box can be found within 15 meters of the Winston Graham bench. Inside the box is a small book in which finders are requested to write a short poem, inspired by sitting on Winston’s seat, titled ‘Poldark’s Cornwall’.

For those who are unable to physically visit Cornwall, use our photos below of the site of Winston Graham's bungalow to be inspired and send your poem to us. We will anonymously publish all of the poems in an online book called 'Inspired to Write'.


The site of Winston Graham's memorial bench where the bungalow in which he wrote the first two Poldark novels.

Winston Graham's Memorial Bench
Poldark Puzzle
PoldaA sunny day in Perranporthrk Puzzle

The view of Perranporth beach from the site of bungalow.