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Want to up your game?

As a Secret Agent, there's always room to boost your spycraft skills - especially if you want to show the kids and grandkids that you're the top agent in the family! Take a peek at the below tips to help you develop your spy persona, improve your code-cracking capabilities and get out in the field:

- Watch a spy movie: Being a real-life spy might not be all martinis and dangerous stunts, but you can't beat the spy stars of the silver screen when it comes to perfecting your spy persona! Stick on an all-time favourite or one of the latest releases to get into the mindset of an international super spy.

- Read up on the lingo: Do you know your playback from your propaganda? How about how to recognise enemy operatives or blend into your surroundings? Check the Usborne Official Spy's Handbook or Lonely Planet's How to be an International Spy Manual to brush up on the latest in tradecraft.

- Harness your brainpower: To crack the most complex codes and the most puzzling problems, you'll need to keep your mind sharp! Try out some of the baffling conundrums in The GCHQ Puzzle Book or the Secret Service Brainteasers to puzzle like the pros.

- Take on a mission: There's nothing like getting out into the field to really put your spy skills to the ultimate test. Fill in the Secret Agent Registration Form above to receive the top Treasure Trails spy missions to try out near you, and you could get out there to start saving the world today!

Dr David Abrutat, Intelligence and Military Historian, says:

“Since spycraft began there have always been codes and ciphers to break, with data analysis that goes on behind the scenes. It’s so great to see that grandparents are still solving puzzles - perhaps the British intelligence services could see some new recruits coming through in their 70s!”

Your next mission...

There are over 1,200 Treasure Trails to choose from across the UK, with detective mystery and treasure hunt themes to try alongside the spy mission adventures. Each Trail adventure lasts around two hours but is completely self-guided, so you can tackle it at your own pace.

Whether you're 6 or 106 (or somewhere in between), you're bound to have tonnes of fun as you sneak around local landmarks, dodge enemy drones behind monuments or slip into the side streets to avoid detection on your covert assignment. Move over, kids, there's a new generation of secret agents in town - Double 0 Gran is on the way and is ready to save the day!