Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Can I Get a Map?
A: The maps can be found in any of the boxes of the Fruit Bowl Peeler range. There is one map per box.

Q: Why Are There Different Maps?
A: There are 4 different maps, because there are four Fruit Bowl Characters. There is a jungle map for Max the Monkey, a safari map for Hettie the Hippo, a mountain map for Lily the Snow Leopard and an underwater coral reef map for Todd the Turtle. Each map has its own different set of puzzles and activities to complete or solve to find the lost treasure.

The maps are randomly placed in the boxes.

Q: Do I Need All 4 maps to Enter the Competition?
A: No. You can enter each month by completing the activities and puzzles for just one map, although you will increase your chances of winning by finding the treasure on all four maps. During the year there will be special competitions with unique prizes which require you to collect all 4 maps and put them together to solve a treasure hunt.

Q: Can I use the same map throughout the year?
A: Yes you can, although you will find that it will become a bit messy when you start drawing lines over it to work out where each month's treasure is hidden.

Q: When does the Competition Run?
A: The competition starts on the 1st August 2022 and finishes on the 31st July 2023, but is broken down into 12 monthly draws. A winner will be drawn each month, starting with August 2022, from all correct entries received that month. The final winner will be drawn from all correct entries received in July 2023.

Each month, the activities and puzzles change to reflect the theme for that month, such as Summer, Easter or Christmas.

Q: Who Can Enter?
A: The prize draw is open to anyone who has purchased a box of Fruit Bowl Peelers and successfully completed the challenge to find the lost treasure. The entrant must be a legal resident of the UK, aged 16 years or over. Employees of Pioneer Foods UK and their affiliated companies, their immediate families or agencies, or anyone professionally connected with the Promotion, cannot enter.

Q: How Do I Enter?
A: To be eligible to win a monthly draw, you need to have submitted a correct answer for the location of the lost treasure on one of the maps, in that month. Submission can only be done via the website and must be accompanied by a valid Unique Reference Number.

Q: How is the Winner Selected?
A: Each monthly winner will be drawn at random from all correct entries received from all 4 maps in the calendar month.

Q: What is the Prize?
A: Each monthly prize is the same and consists of the following:

  • £100 Smyths Toys Voucher
  • £80 Ninja Warrior Adventure Park Voucher
  • The Adventure Challenge Book – Family Edition, worth £50
  • 2 Family Fun Experience Boxes
  • Your choice of Treasure Trail adventure
  • Fruit Bowl Products