Mountain World

How to Play

Complete the 4 activities below and unlock the directions to move through the Mountain World treasure map found inside your Fruit Bowl box.

Complete your submission to be in with a chance of winning a prize bundle!

Let's Get Started...

Get the map from your Fruit Bowl box beside you...

Mountain World Map

Activity 1

Click the button below to open up a dancing challenge...


Time to Boogie!

Lily the snow leopard has headphones so she can listen to her music and podcasts. Her favourite tune is "Mountains" by Biffy Clyro.

For your first activity, you need to listen to some music through yours (or your grown ups) headphones and dance along with the tune!

To earn your next set of map instructions, someone will need to guess what song you are dancing to!

Bring on the Mountain World Dancing King or Queen

Congratulations - you certainly have got moves like Jagger! Here's your first direction:

Direction 1

Remove the two locations in this column: Flame or Fire

Direction 1

Sorry - that's incorrect! Pop back and double check, then try again...

Activity 2

Click the button below to open up an artistic challenge...


Our eagle needs your help!

Our poor resident eagle is often getting lost!

He isn't very elegant when he's walking around on the ground but he can gracefully soar across the skies. For your next map directions, follow the instructions below to make your own painted eagle.

To complete this activity, you will need some poster paint (brown and yellow), a paintbrush, some paper, a black felt-tip marker pen - and TWO HANDS!

To make the eagle, you will need to paint one of your hands with brown poster paint, then with your fingers slightly spread out, press your hand onto the paper, with your fingers closest to one of the short edges. If you have someone helping you, ask them to paint your other hand, then turn the paper around and press it onto the paper with your fingers close to the opposite edge of the paper.

Next, use the yellow paint and either a clean finger or brush to add a pointed beak and a pair of legs.

Let the paint fully dry and you can then use the felt-tip pen to draw on some claws - and the head of your eagle.

Once you've done it, choose "I Did It!" below to receive your instructions.

Here's one that we made:

Spread those wings and FLY AWAY!

Wow - that eagle's really going to soar! Here's your next direction:

Direction 2

Remove the two locations that contain the third letter of the alphabet.

Direction 2

Oops - that's not right! Pop back and double check - then try again...

Activity 3

Click the button below to open up a quiz question...


Did you know that mountains make up about one fifth of the world’s landscape?

They are also home to at least one tenth of the world's population!

To secure your next map direction though, answer the following question:

What is the world's highest mountain?

Gonna need a bigger tape measure...

I knew you'd get the measure of that one! Well done and here's another direction for you:

Direction 3

Remove the three locations that have double letters in any one of their words, i.e. grEEn, umbreLLa.

Direction 3

Zoinks! So close - but that's incorrect! Pop back and double check - then try again...

Activity 4

Click the button below to open up an observational challenge...


Mountain cat cubs love to play and pretend to stalk each other!

They have moments of great energy - and then like to doze and clean themselves.

For your final map direction, take a look at this image of a mountain cat - and work out which square is missing below:

Can you work out which square is missing?

Thanks for getting the mountain cat back together! Congratulations - here's your final direction:

Direction 4

Delete the place with a bone and the place with an egg.

Direction 4

Oh no! Don't worry - you can always try again...

Click on the button below and submit your answer to see if you’re correct or not!