Coral Reef

How to Play

Complete the 4 activities below and unlock the directions to move through the Coral Reef treasure map found inside your Fruit Bowl box.

Complete your submission to be in with a chance of winning a prize bundle!

Let's Get Started...

Get the map from your Fruit Bowl box beside you...

Coral Reef Map

Activity 1

Click the button below to open a story time challenge...


Todd the Turtle has gathered all of his family around for a story.

"I was once ______ along the sand at the beach, heading back to the _____, and I met a _____.

Can you work out the most likely missing words in his story?

If you can, you'll reveal your first set of map instructions...

Let me tell you a story...

Well done - that's absolutely correct - here is your 1st direction:

Direction 1

Grab the Coral Reef map from your Fruit Bowl box and cross off the locations at K7 and J6.

Direction 1

Sorry - that's incorrect! Pop back and double check - then try again...

Activity 2

Click the button below to open up a magical challenge...


Our octopus loves to build and his talents are building, fixing things + and magic tricks!

To complete this task, you will need to ask another person to sit down to take part in your magic trick.

Find 8 cups or beakers and one small object that will fit underneath one of your cups.

Hide the object under one of your cups, showing the other person which cup it is under and really quickly, move all of the cups around! When you've finished, they need to guess which cup the object is under.

Once they've guessed correctly 3 times (not in a row!), you can choose "Hocus Octopocus" below to reveal your next map instruction.

Don't forget the magic words Hocus Octopocus...

Nice one! That was great sleight of hand work there - here's your next direction:

Direction 2

Remove the 2 locations in this row: Ice Cream

Direction 2

Oops - that's not right! Pop back and double check, then try again...

Activity 3

Click the button below to open up a quiz question challenge...


Seahorses eat small crustacea such as Mysis Shrimp...


Do you know how many times an adult seahorse eats during a day?

How many times does a seahorse eat during the day?

Great job - they must be full to bursting! Here’s your 3rd direction:

Direction 3

Delete the three locations which have tails or fins.

Direction 3

Oops - so close but that's incorrect! Pop back and double check - then give it another go...

Activity 4

Click the button below to open up a creative challenge...


It's time to create an angel fish!

To gain your next set of instructions, gather some strips of coloured paper or card, glue and if you have some, a googly eye or two!

To create your paper grid angel fish, lay out the strips of paper in a grid shape, glue them together and add a googly eye.

(As a bonus - can you weave the strips together to make them appear multi-coloured?)

Here's some we made:

What lovely paper strip angel fish!

Can you do any better?

Once complete, don't forget to choose "I Did It!" to reveal your final map instruction.

Wow - they're so realistic, make sure they don't swim away! In the meantime, here's your last direction:

Direction 4

Eliminate the two locations with the fewest letters.

Direction 4

Oh no! Don't worry - you can always try again...

Click on the button below and submit your answer to see if you’re correct or not!