Game, Set & Match!

To celebrate Wimbledon starting we have created a couple of quick puzzles for you to solve!



Can you unravel these 5 phrases to reveal 5 former Wimbledon champions? The champions are from the Open era (i.e. 1968 onward) and could be from both the men’s and women’s, singles and doubles, or the mixed doubles.
1.    Bee or Bricks
2.    New Slim Aerials
3.    View A Rain Dig
4.    Tennis Ordeal
5.    Gent Feeds Bar



Can you work out the following:
1.    I spy with my little eye something beginning with:    4 E S in the F R
2.    I spy with my little eye something beginning with:    N M P H S

Wimbledon Tennis Puzzle


Can you guess which square the ball is in on the following picture?


The Wimbledon picture puzzle

Aced it?

Enter your answer to the three puzzles in the below box to see if you are correct or not. One lucky person will be drawn from all correct entries at the end of the Championships to win a Treasure Trail of their choice along with a free top-tennis-tip from our resident Treasure Trails tennis coach Mandy Hurry.


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