Using your download Trail | Treasure Trails

The downloadable version of the Trail is all back-to-front!

If you're having trouble printing and folding your Trail, don't worry - this is normal and we're here to help! 

Start off by printing your Trail PDF onto four sheets of A4 paper (single-sided). Once you have your four print-outs, put them together in the following sequence:

  • First print-out (front and back cover): face-down
  • Second print-out: face-up
  • Third print-out: face-down
  • Fourth print-out: face-up

Once the four sheets of paper are put together in this formation, you should be able to fold the booklet in half to create an A5 booklet with some blank pages in-between for notes.

If you're still having trouble, give us a call on 01872 263 692 (any time between 9:00am and 17:30pm, Monday - Friday), and a member of our team will be able to help!