The downloadable version of the Trail is all back-to-front!

Don’t worry, this is normal – the idea is that you print the Trail off at home onto A4 sheets of paper and then fold the sheets in half to create an A5 booklet. There are 4 pages of A4 which when folded will make an 8 page booklet.

So when you see the PDF file, pages 8 and 1 will sit next to each other, pages 7 and 2, pages 6 and 3 and pages 5 and 4. Please bear this in mind if trying to do the Trail on your tablet or phone - it may be a little confusing initially as the pages are out of order. This is why we always advise printing your Trail rather than using it on screen – it is more sociable this way plus you may need to scribble some notes to solve anagrams, do quick sums or work out other clues as well!