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The Trail themes

Murder Mystery Trails

Think of our Murder Mystery Trails like Cluedo on foot - there will be a tongue-in-cheek backstory where a crime has been committed, and you need to figure out whodunnit. 

To do this, just use your top detective skills to solve Clues along the Trail route, eliminating suspects and weapons on the back page of the Trail booklet. At the end of your Trail, you should be left with one suspect and weapon (you can submit this to our website to find out if you cracked the case!).

Murder Mystery Treasure Trail

Treasure Hunt Trails

In our Treasure Hunt Trails, you'll be attempting to find the long-lost hidden treasure by solving the Clues and eliminating locations on a fictional map, found on the back of your Trail booklet. 

Each Clue you answer will be a word or number referring to a location on the map. At the end of your Trail, you should have just one location left. Submit this to our website to see if you successfully hunted down the treasure like a true explorer!

Treasure Hunt themed Treasure Trail

Spy Mission Trail

In our Spy Mission Trails, you'll find a tongue-in-cheek backstory, usually about an evil genius with a devious plan about to unfold. It's your job as a super-spy to solve the Clues in order to crack the code on the back page of the Trail booklet. 

You do this by entering your Clue answers into a Mission Answer Grid, eliminating the shaded characters in the grid from your Combination Box. At the end of the Trail, you should have a 4-digit code left (which you can submit to our website to see if you saved the day!).

Spy Mission Treasure Trail

How to find a Trail in your favourite theme

You can filter between Murder Mystery, Spy Mission, and Treasure Hunt Trails using the 'Advance Filter' on our website. 

Just open up the 'Buy a Treasure Trail' tab on our website, then select the area you'd like to explore. The local Trails will then be listed down the page, with an 'Advance Filter' drop-down option above them. If you click on this, you'll be able to filter between Murder Mystery, Spy Mission and Treasure Hunt Trails.