The Trail themes

In the case of a Murder Mystery theme, think of it like Cluedo on foot. There will be a fictitious tongue-in-cheek back story – someone has committed a foul crime and it’s up to you to discover whodunit. On the back of your Trail there will be illustrations of the possible suspects, and the possible weapon used. Each suspect has a name, and each weapon has a number associated with it. The answer to each of the (20-25) clues will be a name (one of the suspects) or a number (one of the weapons). At the end, you are left with one weapon, and one suspect!


Murder Mystery Treasure Trail

The Treasure Hunt and Spy Mission themes are similar, but you are looking for the location of the long lost treasure on an olde treasure map, or finding the 4-digit de-activation code on a spy mission.


Spy Mission Treasure Trail

Treasure Hunt themed Treasure Trail