Trail mechanics

Every Trail has instructions on how to solve the Trail mystery and where to start, so you don’t need a map or any prior local knowledge – just double check your start location before you arrive. Once you are at the start location you will follow our set of clear directions which will take you on the (normally circular loop) walk. The clues will be set between the direction ‘boundaries’ so you will be solving a clue every few minutes walk whilst on the Trail.


The clues are set on things in the local environment. You won’t be able solve them even if you know the location really well, as the answers aren’t well known local facts. Instead we have based clue answers on sneaky (and often interesting) plaques, signs, statues, monuments, images, engravings or anything else we can think of – the answers to some clues can even be found on drain hole covers! This is the real treasure hunting element of the Trail – you are looking high and low for the answers to the clues.


A clear set of instructions are provided within the Trail

Some of the clues are quite easy, and some are more sneaky, we like to make the Trails challenging but fun for all ages. Most importantly, they should all be solvable – we don’t want Trailers getting frustrated at not being able to solve a clue – but watch out, as every Trail will have a couple of trickier clues which we have sprinkled some Treasure Trails ‘fairy dust’ on!