Submit your Treasure Trail answer and you could win £100 in our Monthly Prize Draw!

So there is real treasure!

Each month, one correct Trail answer is drawn at random and one lucky Trailer will win £100.

Of course, the main aim of Treasure Trails is to get people out and about exploring in a way that is fun, healthy and informative. But to spice up the competition, Trailers have the chance to win a cash prize of £100 per month.


How does it work?

We put all correct answers from each month into a random draw for one lucky Trailer - it’s that simple!

So all you have to do is remember to submit your answer online every time you finish a Trail. As well as the chance of winning £100, there’s a certificate you can download if you solved the mystery, and of course, you will be able to find out all the correct answers and where they can be found.
If you aren't the lucky winner, don’t worry, you’re still a ‘winner’ in our eyes for getting out there exploring and completing the Trail! 

You can enter as many times as you want as long as you comply with the competition rules.

So the more correct Trail answers you enter over the year the better your chances are of winning some real treasure!

So stop reading and start planning your next Trail adventure! You never know - it could be you winning £100 next month!


February 2016 winner

Andrew Mellor and his family braved the winter weather and successfully solved the Ambleside Treasure Trail. His answer was drawn at random from all correct answers submitted in February to win £100! 

Apparently they did the Trail as boys v girls and the girls won...does this mean they get the £100?! (victorious team pictured below)


The February 2017 Prize Winner

January 2017 winner

Super spy Karen Vass, successfully submitted her answer to the Goring-on-Thames Spy Mission Treasure Trail, and was drawn at random to win the £100 prize for January. Last I heard, she was putting this towards a replica James Bond Aston Martin car... not far to go Karen!


The January £100 Prize Winner

December 2016 winner

Super Trailer Susan Perkins (she has done over 150 Treasure Trails!) was drawn at random to be the £100 prize winner for December. Amongst other Trails she successfully submitted a correct answer for within December, it was the Dursley Trail in Gloucestershire which scooped her the treasure!

Don't worry, you don't need to do over 150 Trails to be the winner, as many previous prize winners are first time Trailers!


November 2016 winner

Congratulations to Janet Hargreaves who successfully submitted her answer to the Melfort Village and Kilmelford Treasure Hunt themed Trail in November, and was picked at random to win £100!


October 2016 winner

Congratulations to Jane Guard who not only successfully submitted her answer to the Goathland Trail in North Yorkshire, but was drawn at random from all correct answers received in October to win £100!


 Jane Guard - our October 2016 Winner

September 2016 winner

Congratulations goes to Hilary Pitchford this month for successfully solving the Shrewsbury Murder Mystery Treasure Trail. Hilary was randomly selected from all correct answers submitted in September to win £100 (or 14.3 Treasure Trails!).


August 2016 Winner

Lesley Alexander correctly solved the Inverness Murder Mystery Treasure Trail, and was drawn from all correct answers submitted in August to be the £100 Trail prize winner. Her reaction... 

"Wow I am so surprised, I never win anything.  My husband and I really enjoy doing the treasure trails and you get to see so much of a place, we already have one for Liverpool when we go in November, and I am sure there will be plenty more in the future – thank you so much!"

Thank you for the lovely feedback Lesley!

Don't forget to submit your Trail answer and you could be the £100 winner for September!


August 2016 Treasure Trails Prize Winner

July 2016 winner

An enjoyable explore of Cumbria's Cockermouth resulted in real treasure for Neil Corbett as he successfully submitted his answer to the Trail and was drawn at random to win £100 - congratulations Neil!

Neil's reaction....

"Wahoo! That's the biggest thing I've ever won. £50 an hour to do something I enjoy. Not bad eh?"


Treasure Trails July 2016 Prize Winner

June 2016 winner

Serial Trailer Gail Robinson was picked at random from all correct entries submitted in June to win £100! Having completed 6 Trails in 3 months, it was Warwick Murder Mystery Trail which proved lucky for Gail - here's to your next 6 Trails Gail!


June Treasure Trails prize winner

May 2016 winner

Lewis & Morse solve the mystery again! Well, Lewis Anne Lewis correctly submitted her answer to the Winchester City and Castle Murder Mystery Treasure Trail in May to win £100! (excuse the poor pun Anne!)


April 2016 winner

"There be real treasure here!"

Well, there is for Jonathan and Sebastian Saundry who successfully solved the Dundee City Treasure Hunt themed Trail in April, and were drawn at random from all correct Trail answers to be our April £100 prize winner!


Jonathan and Sebastian Saundry - April 2016's Lucky Prize Winners

March 2016 winner

Working her way around the streets of London, Joanne Fox succesfully solved the Highgate Treasure Hunt themed Trail and was drawn from all correct entries from March to win £100! Congratulations Joanne, and we look forward to more Treasure Trails adventures from you!


February 2016 winner

Super sleuth Keir Esson successfully submitted his answer to The Regent's Park Murder Mystery Treasure Trail and was drawn at random from all of our correct entries for February to win £100!


The February £100 prize winner

January 2016 winner

The £100 Trail prize winner for January was Rosalind Middleton, who successfully submitted her answer to the Seaburn to Whitburn Treasure Trail.


January Prize Winner - Rosalind Middleton

Treasure Trails prize winner

Previous winners, Derek Atkinson and his wife who were drawn at random as the Trail prize winners at the start of January.