Jane Harvey and Neil Jager - Gold Trail Writing Partners

Here, Jane tells us how Treasure Trails really gets under your skin!

“Neil and I stumbled across Treasure Trails quite randomly - we were living in South Korea, teaching English as a foreign language, and, having been teaching abroad for several years, and fed up of various bosses, we starting looking at various options for how to move back to the UK and be our own boss. This is when we saw the ad: “Like being outdoors? Love solving puzzles?” - that’s all we needed! We took a look at the Treasure Trails website, fell in love with the idea and got right on the case. When we first saw that there was no one writing Trails in North Yorkshire, we wondered why not - what’s wrong with it? But, having lived in Scarborough before, we knew it was a great part of the country to explore, so we went for it. We landed at Heathrow on the Tuesday, did our first Treasure Trail in London on the Wednesday, jumped on the train to Truro on the Thursday, presented ourselves at Treasure Trails HQ on the Friday, and the rest is history!

Like all Trail Writing Partners, we love writing Trails and have developed a great system to create the perfect Trail! Neil researches the route then we head out on location together, Neil as chief photographer, me as head scribe writing down directions and possible clues. This involves us frequently stood staring at signs and plaques for some time; we often get asked if we’re lost but we don’t mind, it just gives us the opportunity to tell more people about Treasure Trails! Back home, Neil creates the Trail, complaining about my handwriting but still managing to read it (well it is often cold or raining when we write the Trails!). I then get to go on a virtual Trail - following the route on Google street view and solving the clues using our photos. Once the clues have been fine-tuned and the directions perfected - it’s off to a tester before being published. Job done!

Jane and Neil - Treasure Trails Writers


Alongside Treasure Trails, we now run our own treasure hunt business under the Yorkshire Trails and Cumbria Trails banners. Here, we put our previous teaching skills to good use running fun team building events for companies big and small, along with going into schools to provide clue-writing workshops and Trail-writing projects.

So, how has Treasure Trails got under our skin? Well, everywhere we go, we are constantly looking up, down and all around to spot interesting features; we find it difficult to walk past a plaque or sculpture without checking it out. Our photo is from a recent trip to Iceland and, even though we were on holiday, whilst walking around Reykjavik we would frequently spot something, turn to each other and say “That’d make a great clue!”

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