Carol Devon - Gold Trail Writing Partner

We asked Carol to tell us about her journey with Treasure Trails and how she manages to cover such a large area as Scotland! This is what she said:

I’ve been writing Trails in Scotland since 2011, when I began writing Trails in my local area of Fife. I then quickly expanded to cover Edinburgh and the Lothians, Perthshire, Tayside, the North East and now most of the west of Scotland too. I am gradually targeting farther north, with a recent Trail in Portree in Skye on the west coast and Inverness in the east. It's a great reason to get away for the weekend! Plus, the family love to help me test the Trails before they are published! Such a large portfolio can be challenging to maintain but I strive to keep my Trails as up to date and time-proof as possible; I sometimes use volunteer testers in some of the more remote areas of Scotland. I also organise Hen Parties, birthday parties and small events themed around treasure hunts.

When not writing Trails I enjoy property management in Edinburgh and west Fife, reading, cinema and family time.

Carol Devon - Treasure Trails Writer

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