And the 2016 May Queen is.....

The Treasure Trails May Queen - last years winner!

Bank holiday weekend alert!

If you've enjoyed one of our Murder Mystery themed Treasure Trails in the past, you'll recognise some of these suspects lurking in our suspect gallery!

Well, in the spirit of the bank holiday, we have let them out of the police holding cell for the weekend to crown one of them the 2016 Treasure Trails May Queen!


This puzzle will get you in the mood to go out and enjoy a Treasure Trail this weekend (well, we hope it does!)

All you need to do is watch our Treasure Trails video (below), then solve the following clues (also below!) to eliminate the May Queen contenders (also below/opposite) until you are left with just one!


The video (the answer to the clues can be found in this!)

The questions

  1. At Bracken House, eliminate the possible May Queen whose name you can see at 7 o‘clock. 
  2. When the words ‘Whatever Age’ are first mentioned, what word can you see?  The letters of that word are the initials of another lady who will not be queen this year.
  3. What is the number that the intrepid couple find on the metal item in front of the white door?  Convert this number to letters using the code A=1, B=2 etc.  The Princess with this name did not become a Queen this year.
  4.  As the family walk through the covered market, what word can you see above the lights?  Rearrange the letters to lose another contender for the throne.
  5. In the scrolling text at the end, in the paragraph that begins with the word ‘possible’; if 3,4 equals ‘Time’, what does 6,6 equal?  The letters of this word are the initials of one who will not be crowned Queen.  
  6. Eliminate the contender whose name is an anagram of an item found on the girl’s t-shirt.
  7. How many men in total appear on the map of the UK?  Convert the digits of this number to letters using the code A=1, B=2, etc.  Cross off the lady whose name is made from these two initials.

You should now be left with one lady who is this year’s Treasure Trails May Queen.


The May Queen contenders

Click on the image below to download the May Queen contenders.


The May Queen Puzzle

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